According to what is right Shanghai sex optimization optimization steps





first, change the understanding of search engine ranking rules.

many owners still remain in the old-fashioned way before, such as more content, more outreach sites will be in the front row, the longer the website ranking will, in fact, if you are a completely new optimization don’t be intimidated by these thinking, the main reason is that you don’t really understand what Shanghai wants to love what the site row in the front position. We first look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia for love love Shanghai values, over the years, love Shanghai chairman and CEO Robin Li, led by love formed by the sea people "Simple and Reliable" core culture, deeply rooted in the love of Shanghai. Shanghai: mobile phone love found whenever and wherever possible, from the site to the mobile phone terminal! Love Shanghai very clear purpose is to make its products and services as we can rely on and trust things, and as an enterprise service users is the basis, so we webmaster should do what? It is actually very simple, just put your content of your service in their own site, let users believe that your product or service, then you side in the initial purpose of search engine users close to service users, your site will be search engine referrals.

second, to find out the love of Shanghai for the new station attitude change to optimize their own ideas. For example we in the new station, new station a short time to win the search engine recognition seems to be very difficult, I think the reason is not difficult but we love Shanghai, mainly in the website, just on the line without any content or update only a few articles on a large scale, to search engines, optimize our thoughts itself the problem, then, what is the right way? The author thinks that the new sites online first to do is to check all dead links, adjust the user experience, set 301, 404 jump code, then the key work is full of high quality content for the web site, according to the different types of different number, but at least each column filled with 20-30 the above records, update is only the first step, the update is complete after the home page is very fast, but should be included in the page, you will be The above action is to continue, to some high weight platform suitable for promotion, but the content update is not to stop, a lot of new website has not included, low weight, the main reason is that there is no continuous updating, low quality text.

we know, love Shanghai search engine in China is the largest population is the search experience for the relatively good search engine, loved by the majority of users, so also our webmaster of the main object, many webmaster optimized very confused, in my opinion the most crucial factor is not in the correct way to carry out, so we should be in accordance with the specific process of how to optimize the


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