Entrepreneurship into a modern career but Beijing from entrepreneurial crazy is far worse

– Sun Chunxiang

"feel Beijing is crazy, seem to age more than five years, under the age of thirty, to about three thousand, 46 English level, known as KK, had access to the Internet and media advertising company friends business, Nongchao, with angels for a cup of coffee." A well-known domestic media, online before publishing an article discussing nowadays the business boom, citing a word to describe the current Beijing business atmosphere, this paper have attracted a lot of attention in the media and business circles.

yes, entrepreneurship has become Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other regions of the one of the most fashionable occupation choice, not ordinary white-collar occupation, is the big company executives are tempted, have left the choice "from scratch". From a rational perspective, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm seems overdone, too many entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial team has no market prospects, but the capital like crazy, hundreds of millions of dollars in financing the news media every two or three days, but the success of the case are scanty.

if it’s a bit crazy from venture capital and entrepreneurs. One of the ABC round of financing business news, people look, it seems that the yuan and the dollar everywhere, do not take white do not take. More and more people rush to invest the money to start a business, A round, B round, 90% of the company has become the C round of death".

we can not deny that a large part of these failed entrepreneurial projects are indeed due to market factors. But we have to say, too many venture capital projects and investment, facing the homogenization of crisis. For example, nowadays popular O2O, not to mention housekeeping, car washing, cooking, and even beauty salons have begun to enter the home, which has a lot of originality and imagination, can only be used to verify the time.

, however, to say that Beijing "Crazy", it seems far worse. Among other things, he said the State Council recently issued "on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation guidance", still vigorously encourage entrepreneurship, investment, and from many aspects of Taxation, industry and commerce, public services and social support to support entrepreneurs and venture investment, the current economic Chinese visible how long on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is an indispensable part of China’s economic transformation. Only few, can not too much.

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