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Google is the world’s most advanced search engine, but in the Chinese search engine boss loves Shanghai. But many people say Shanghai has been in imitation of Google, Google today is the future of Shanghai love. I also agree that. In some time ago Google made clear that to punish too much advertising website, the author aims at this event published a "Google proposed to punish too much advertising webmaster how to deal with the" article, we are interested can look at. But since the proposed punishment too much advertising website, Google official blog on the release of the page layout adjustment algorithm. In fact, these small action is very worthy of our reference station, because many owners are not fully conscious for the Google move today, hereby give the webmaster friends here to share, the main contents are as follows:

we know that, for many sites, the first screen advertising is a very common practice; these ads often can receive the good effect, help advertisers through online content profit. This adjustment does not affect the algorithm to those sites in an appropriate way to advertise on the first screen, but will affect on the home page, so that excessive advertising is very difficult for users to find the actual content on the web site. In addition, the improved algorithm can also affect such sites: on the first screen only a small amount of visible content, or the actual content is always hidden in the vast advertising.

all the time, we are committed to help you find more high-quality web site in the search results, we have recently made a new adjustment of the algorithm, the number of page layout to improve your web content and search results in the click to see the.

if you decide to update the web page.

as previously mentioned, some users complained, click on the search results after it is difficult to find the actual web content, they feel very unhappy. Users want to click on can directly see the content, rather than constantly scroll down, take out one by one in advertising. Therefore, those who do not provide the first screen (above-the-fold) content of the site may be affected by the adjustment of the algorithm. Click on a web site, if there is no visual first screen the contents of a large number of you at the first sight ", or advertising occupy a large" layout, this is hardly a good user experience. Therefore, this kind of website search ranking is not very high.

is only less than 1% of the search results will be substantial impact of the adjustment algorithm. That is to say, in every 100 searches, ordinary users will change in less than a search in the search results notice. If you think your site is affected by the adjustment of the layout algorithm of the page, please consider using the method of the first screen on your page, as well as the content on your page is not striking, or it is difficult to quickly find the user. You can use our Browser Size tools and other tools to view your site display results in different resolutions.

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