Most of the network promotion, 2014 outlook!

two, network promotion is worrying, blog promotion concerns

in 2013, it is bumpy period network promotion. Whether it is from the aspects of the construction of external promotion, content, are subject to the constraints of. Such as link sale market, direct hit. The weights of the BBS signature, the effect again and down, even directly cancel. So many chain extension, all of a sudden tears, tears can say ah. The big time investment, is a sieve. Talk about the content, search again, to allow the user to see useful knowledge, which is indirect the pressure on network promotion. High quality, strong related articles, takes time, and in the structure, need to be creative with some. That said and done, ah.

for many blog promotion, instant search is to get rid of, let them continue to "hekan?"

The whole

, a search engine, the next period of pre

network promotion, in a downturn. All of the previous practice, the type of changes in turn the world upside down. As to write high quality articles, to actively develop resources. In the form, to create a multi platform, for the rapid development of the effect. But in the end, whether it can win the search engine rules? This is uncertain.


Google quit Chinese search market, home to Shanghai unique love. 11 years 360, do the base pad with security guards a large user base, within a week, get 10% of the search market share. This year, soso and Sogou marriage, third. This makes the search market, is no longer so isolated. The Internet this big cake, was finally Fengeng.

, blog promotion, play the leading role in the network! Early promotion, blog promotion effect is obviously. And through a large number of construction of the chain, the website weight in the short term, the weight gain of. Then, the site traffic, revenue doubled. Today? The search engine algorithm, into a mature and stable stage. Using a combination of boxing, let the whole chain market into the downturn. Today a blog, not necessarily indexed by the search engines. Then, dare to think whether to seckill niche blog promotion

three search vendors, have certain advantages: love Shanghai Gengyun domestic search market for many years, the strength of the economy, search the user; 360 huge security users, coupled with the new search experience, access to users; (New Sogou soso and Sogou input method with the combination of nickname) chat user number. Three have a certain advantage, see who search products, better able to get the user support.

Only a short while ago

has just entered into 2014, a variety of search rules to predict the altar, is all. At the moment, we can find no unified rules. Sure, search rules in the new year will have action. So, for the promotion of minority person, have to do is follow their rules to do. Presumably, effect will be reduced to a minimum.

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