Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform talk the use of Canonical Tags

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* before the help document did mention highly similar web pages can also use the Canonical tag, but in practice we found that similar use Canonical tag page low success rate.

2, the use of Canonical tags is the premise of several web pages must be exactly the same (or similar height), and the 301 is not the limit.

webmaster webmaster friends talk about the community of Canonical tag’s view, that this is a good way to solve, and 301 similar sites within the repeat page. So let’s talk about it what is the difference between the two, the use of Canonical tags and this note what.

and 301 different labels

two "in the figure below, although the main content is consistent, but for the search engines do not belong to exactly the same love", Shanghai will not comply with its Canonical Tags:

2, there is very important, please everyone in front of the Canonical tag set, carefully check whether two pages really exactly the same — once love Shanghai found that one Canonical tag has a problem, don’t trust all Canonical tags for this site.

1, exactly the same in several pages (or highly similar) when, if you want two web pages can be normal user access to, use the Canonical tags; if one only allows users to access them directly, use a 301 and more convenient.

1, love Shanghai although support for Canonical tags, but does not guarantee full compliance with the label. Please note that it is best to use Canonical label, this can increase the effect of the Canonical tag in the same page.


use the Canonical tag [two] should pay special attention to

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