Case analysis not updated snapshot from which aspects should we check

snapshot of the stable relationship. If your site service appears, leading to the site can’t open or loading speed is reduced, which is not only affect the bounce rate of your site, the more important is that he will affect the search engine spiders to crawl your site, just imagine, when a spider climb to your site, you he stuck in the site has no mouth, I like to do for the next time you may not go to spider your site. Then we have what is simple method to check the reason is because the web server to snapshot not update? We can use the site log to check, if there are too many 404 error code if you log in, it is pretty close because of the server. I check the site log, the results did not find out what is the problem, and the site access speed is normal. So the author simply ruled out the cause of the server.


three: basic information about the site if you frequently modify

siteThe A snapshot of

two: the content and quality of

search engine and a value of the content of the site, if the content of your site are of poor quality or are some widely reproduced content. The search engine after the discovery, they will begin to reduce the collection of your site, and then on your site to reduce power in addition, at the end of your site may not normally find updated snapshot. But the site does not have this problem. In this few days not updated snapshot, included as usual no six hundred or seven hundred, so I rule out this reason.

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: from the server to check the

website is an important indicator to the quality of your website, is included, and weight status is important. Believe that many webmaster and I met the same snapshot cannot be updated normally, but included in the site is normal (below). As a site I did recently, a snapshot of the site for a week is not updated, the author begins to examine the cause of this snapshot not update, I will examine today in the afternoon to share with you.

the construction of the chain as a webmaster should uphold in improving the quantity and quality, but also avoid the increase. Too much garbage chain or single word connection will also affect the updated snapshot. I looked at the site of the chain, found that there is a serious problem in the chain, the chain is too single.

Updates and service


for search engines, they love stable site, do not love to do frequent changes to the site of some of the basic information. If you frequent on your site title easy to modify the punishment of the search engine. Such as the most direct is to modify the title of your site’s ranking will disappear, then the snapshot cannot be updated normally. The site recently and not do site modify the basic information, so it can also be directly excluded.

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