Five principles must follow the high quality of the construction of the chain

, quality is higher than the number of

here is the emphasis on the link is broad, why? A lot of stationmaster is limited to the construction of the external links in the BBS signature, blog comment, this will cause the attention of search engines, which will undoubtedly remind the site in the search engine optimization, we also believe that the search engines are disgusted with the Shanghai dragon. So as we increase external links can not be widely ignored links. External links should be various types of Web sites, external links should appear in the footer position, will appear in the navigation, we should also pay attention to the links in the text. Here I would like to emphasize some types of domain name, the domain name is the only link to贵族宝贝, as far as possible to increase the number

five, a steady increase in

here, one of the important reasons is that the relevance of content, if a site is about to lose weight, but your website is about commodities, this link is undoubtedly not what great effect. The object so we increase the chain for the website content we selected external chain construction.

used by many webmaster external links anchor text is often use a target keyword, and is linked to the web page, the external anchor text should be the most reasonable diversity. The anchor text not confined to a target keyword, such as my blog, I generally use the "Hefei Shanghai dragon", sometimes also use the "Hefei website optimization", and links to the diversity of. Not only in the home page, you can also point to some pages.

two and the content ofWhat is the need to understand that a high quality links to

three, link

four, the anchor text diversity

believes that the importance of many Shanghai dragon all understand the external links. In my opinion, Shanghai dragon is actually the content and links to content, here the author is not told. The link is divided into internal links and external links, here I don’t emphasize the construction of the external links, believe that many webmaster friends are trying to build external links. I think a lot of people are still missing a few principles that should follow the increase of external links. Should follow the following to the simple explanation of external links construction principle:

The correlation between

why do I put this in the first place, I really want to let more people understand not only to increase the number of the chain and ignore the quality. In my opinion a chain of high quality is better than ten spam chain. Here I suggest that you take the time to write soft article submission, it brings the absolute quality than some junk forum signature links is affixed to the top.

Extensive linksThis

does not require the author to emphasize, I believe many of my friends should understand this, not three days fishing nets two days of drying in order to be lazy, a day increased 100, the next few days are not to increase, this approach obviously is not wise.

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