At the beginning of the interview of Shanghai dragon Er how to choose a good company

finally I interview a single Hugh.

said at the beginning, many of my friends are for work, all kinds of reasons, but most of them are not much difference, no company prospects, the salary is too low, the boss cheating, 2 goods charge and so on, a variety of reasons can lead us to leave, not that we do not cherish the opportunities available, but we are not satisfied with the status quo, hope get better development. Like my company now, do not speak words, always cheating, no matter in terms of wages, or future development, let a person can’t stand. The company had promised happiness, not the people came to the dead box allows you to do something, and not to eat meat, how could the company will retain people? Of course, I’m not complaining, I’ve come to talk about the face of so many Er Shanghai dragon company how to choose


I feel good, ask me what I think of the company, what to say, I immediately said: I am not what the problem is, I’m not going to come to you. He stopped 2,3 seconds to speak: young man, don’t be so impatient. The treatment is so good, why don’t you do. I said: I am here to interview, because you really good benefits, but here I don’t see any future, no prospect of any. Then talk a few words, I went away.

said that the first occurrence of a two days for my own things, interview several companies, I do Shanghai dragon also have more than one year, love Shanghai and Google have done, the original idea was to find the weekend, a monthly salary of 2000+, good benefits, it is best to have sex in Shanghai because, do not come into contact with foreign trade their own core technology, after learning more waste of time, to love Shanghai, not so familiar, and I now plan to Shanghai station, sex conducive to me after their establishment.

interviewed several weekends, wages and benefits relative to the previous good none, but I found that two companies generally do not pay attention to the promotion department, stay in these companies do not see any development. As a last weekend interview, welfare brought a month to several hundred, the wage is pumped into 2500+, every month can rest for 10 days (weekend 8 days +2 days of paid leave), and the 13 to the interview, they have begun to work in my opinion, the benefits can be said to be very well, but their promotion personnel only one director or a smatter people, I asked him: why is your company promotion department only 1 people. He said so simple, the promotion of 1, 2 people will be enough, as long as add content, plate set, plus 10 per day several Links, website ranking will go up soon, JJYY blew a lot, I also look at the case, third, 100 index, long term, competition in general I rub he is so proud. I asked him: what do you do outside the chain, he answered: what outside the chain, Links? I immediately lower the head, not the brother ashamed, I am afraid to laugh, NND, blowing for a long time, the chain do not know what has been nonsense.

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