5 strokes to ferret out the black chain on your site

you can use with the IP site query other website function view with IP have been linked to the black chain, if this is the case immediately contact service processing.

4. via the link position, the link appears to reach the visible screen, black chain effect.

2. using the webmaster tools "website links detection" or chain 3. FTP tools on the site to view the file modification time as our website upload time is March 24th, but most of the file modification time is March 24, one or two of which the modification time is recently, we have to pay attention to, you can edit it file, check the source code, if there is a link to join. Of course, if you are a asp+access site, because the database with visitors access real-time modify the time update, this situation can be ignored.

2. the link character reached infinitely small, invisible to the naked eye.

then we should be how to prevent the site was linked to the black chain, how to check whether it was linked to the black chain, first look at several common ways to hang black chain, now black chain is usually done by inserting the CSS style in the website source code:

How to prevent the

1. often check the website source code black chain will be hung in the home, we open the web page right click "view source", see if we have not add their own strange chain.

web site was hung black chain and check black chain:

but the heart of the others have not put the heart of man is not, because the love for hanging black chain optimization.

black chain is a means of black hat in Shanghai dragon, hackers use illegal intrusion of other websites into the hidden links, compared to normal purchase link, because it is cheap and popular, of course, because of the black chain may be webmaster deleted, so the chain such instability, but for those who profit by profiteering industry group website webmaster is still very cost-effective. Black chain trend from below is remarkable (also known as the black chain dark chain)

4. FTP website username and password should not be too simple, and the best can often modify

5. to check whether the entire server was hacked

was deleted, do Shanghai dragon er know the chain’s stability to rank the importance that he might have been hanging, and if your site for the chain is down the right, do you want to delete the chain that you have no control over the remedy.

for long wanted to be friends of the station, Quanzhou Shanghai dragon suggested to stay away from the black chain, because of its uncertainty, at any time may be

Detection of

3. the link character and web page background color of the same or similar to the link is not visible.

1. by setting the display property to none that links the invisible information.

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