Focus on the analysis of three Shanghai dragon website editor

keyword, keyword selection and distribution is also crucial.

(4): at the end of the tail must also appear keywords, but do not add too deliberately. To let go.

(1) is the main keyword categories, the search is hot, the degree of competition is relatively large, the ranking is difficult to do.

example: car bicycle and bicycle, folding bike, * * Brand

: the title of the article

example: the price of bicycle bicycle bicycle speed

(2) of long tail keywords search volume is small, a little cold, a small degree of competition, ranking is relatively easy to do.

distribution keywords distribution is crucial, too little is not conducive to the optimization, too much love Shanghai think you are cheating, so each of the keywords ratio should be 3% – 9%, and the first section title should appear the main keywords tail should appear long tail keywords and does not affect the reading distribution.

website editor is the soul part of the website, how to regulate the drawbacks when writing and editing, so we must pay attention to the following points to avoid we encountered in the process of writing errors, so as to achieve a network can bring benefits in

(1) in this part we need to establish the number of our key distribution, and density. The writing of the article must be standardized, without affecting the order conditioning paragraph reading situation.


selected keywords and long tail keywords


(3): the central part is to write the advantages of our products and other information, but add pictures, all the pictures must add alt, because the spider can’t grab pictures in the capture time, will think you ALT with your picture is the same, which is more conducive to ranking. At the same time to complement the title and keywords is not involved in a paragraph. Each picture must try to remember that, in the middle, more natural this may let the user see, improve the user experience and the spider crawling habit.

(2): the head must appear keywords, remember to put key words in bold, in the first period than in the good, but must be original.

two: the content of

of the first paragraph of this article, the middle and tail of three parts;

is a good title for the article is the core part of this paper, we use the process of writing a novel title as far as possible, and stand in the user’s point of view to think; but not too offbeat or too much advertising words, to meet the user search habits. To learn more segmentation principle, the title should not exceed 15 words and concise; a good title can attract spiders, and can get to the user.

The main

Keywords: Keywords:

threeThe core part of this article is a

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