Causes of the number of pages included Shanghai love changing


for the second case, it is not easy to understand many webmaster, many webmaster every day love to do one thing is to see their website ranking and weight, and then look at the collection of your site, so the website data changes are very sensitive to the webmaster! So when floating when a lot of psychological suffering, in order to make less this suffering come, so we must learn from the search engine included steps to start

search engine included steps through the spider to crawl and grab, and then to the content of the index, then for keyword processing, the final results are sorted, we do when the site can, through their own efforts, let the spider grab as much as possible and the more the number of spider crawling. The higher the possibility will be included, when a spider crawling, will be indexed by the keywords, and according to the ranking algorithm will be the content to the final ranking, and then displayed to the user’s desktop


usually love Shanghai and grab included page when the page is the same, but crawl the page is to go through many processes can be confirmed whether included, because a lot of people released some of the chain in many websites, the weight of these sites are generally good, but with the change of time, may be some weight the website will become poor, and on the site outside the chain will be ranked according to the algorithm and integral algorithm to love Shanghai, finally will be deleted from the original ranking included inside, so there will be reduced, and sometimes included less then can change back, it is often because of its own search engine algorithm there is a problem, after all, the machine is well, but some also because many sites in Shanghai when its optimization which touch the Dragon love Shanghai and nerve. Your website is placed in the sandbox, you will feel your website ranking fell into the abyss, but as long as you stick to the right of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, which lost.

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in the first case, a lot of people should be relatively easy to understand, the symptoms are often because the content of the website is collected, although love Shanghai is included, but after included and other sites were analyzed, found that included your site content and other web content that similarity is too high. Then according to the weight rule, the content of your website to delete, this is in order to provide users with the content of the help and take measures to

often have owners complain about how the original love of the sea, contains tens of thousands of data, suddenly left thousands, some even love Shanghai rankings are lost, but after a period of time, included in the site again, ranking will gradually rise, this is really a lot of webmaster they remain perplexed despite much thought, let the author according to their own experience of simple analysis about the causes of the general page included! Disappeared after there will be caused by two reasons, one is the second day after included disappeared in Shanghai, another is over a period of time and then disappeared from the love of Shanghai

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