Content entrepreneurship spring has passed content entrepreneurs need a little life experience


content of entrepreneurship just seems to usher in the spring, it directly into the cold winter. Several key points are: a single business model, the content of the scale of excess, as well as more and more expensive traffic. A few stars opened the content of enterprise user fees and advertising business model, and more entrepreneurial maverick have encountered a bottleneck is not small.

in the day before yesterday, the media reported that the new media incubator base to start the meeting, the vertical content, content products, live variety and AR/VR is becoming a hot word discussed in this industry. There are many aspects of the discussion, the content of entrepreneurship and the combination of big data there are many kinds of postures, simply do the content may no longer have the spring, the content of the product is a direction. As for the field of investors, capital is the winter test of entrepreneurial skills, this is due to the law, a good chance but also a small part of entrepreneurial talent shows itself.

regardless of whether the summer cold winter, the domestic capital is still abundant, encouraging innovation policy is also a lot of good. China’s new media competition is an early start of the traditional newspaper group business incubation. From 2012 to now, the new media business incubator project Zhejiang newspaper group has 5 years, also spawned many star project, is currently focused on several major direction of news media, digital entertainment, intelligence services and cultural industries.

content is the advantage of traditional media, but in this era of information overload, light content is not a competitive enough thing. On the day of the meeting, do some research on the content of venture investors took on the opportunity in this industry, to the late autumn or winter are entrepreneurs, a life experience.

content in the second half of entrepreneurship in the


in the commercialization of content to try, or advertising based, electricity providers and charges are trying to do a good job, these business models for different quality of the content presents different characteristics. Charges can only be a small part of the electricity supplier Xu also need to have the inherent advantages of the industry, most of the ads and the soft article, the sustainability of this model has been questioned.

of course, to enter the content of profit itself, has become increasingly scarce. Wu Xiaobo believes that the vertical content is a good angle, such as when everyone is talking about buying a house, and no one to provide in-depth information on the property from the media, there is a chance. The mass media, print media or portal has done very well, the angle of the vertical field, such as logistics, that is a good point.

pay in the content of this matter, the founding partner of the peak capital Li Feng proposed three trends:

one is content payment.

why pay today, because after five or six years of trading, due to the improvement of payment, the formation of a small payment habits. All of these things are set up for you to express your pursuit of efficiency in terms of money, but also to express the recognition of the professional efforts and professional abilities of others in the process of upgrading of consumption

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