An observation of nearly two months not update the site of fate



was rarely encountered a long time not update a website (including construction content update and the chain). Now through the cnzz picture to nearly two months not update the site traffic show, so that we can have a reference, see long time not update web site traffic and what will change.

The following is the Since September when The following pictures are



can be clearly seen from the diagram in, to November 22nd, the website traffic relative to October, there was an obvious atrophy. Don’t know what love is after November 23rd, Shanghai adjusted the algorithm or what reason, not the position of several search volume I have dropped the original site in more than 500 keywords get good rankings, so the flow is also up, this is not in this article key discussion. Section 4 cnzz flow chart, the result is the website traffic is and we pay is proportional to the. The construction site is not a passive occupation, it requires our individual owners of hard work. Only pay.

I have a website, from June this year began to take care of, in September toolz love Shanghai weight reached 4. Due to the busy relationship, from the October 4th update to the 4 pictures after the website not updated until November 28th (from October 10th when added a Links). Love Shanghai snapshot stop in October 10th, as follows:

can be seen from the figure, the traffic in October reached 34 thousand and 300 in October 13th, but by the end of the month, there is a downward trend. Let’s see the flow chart in November, should explain the problem more clearly:


can be seen from the figure, the August traffic increased significantly, PV from early August 5000 to the end of August increased by about 1w5, this time I kept 6 customers daily update frequency, and is full of the original cut, while writing articles, send the chain, it can spend an hour a day for construction foreign chain. It can be seen from the figure, the effect is obviously.

have been prepared in the paper, the construction site in August no less hard, although the flow rate also has a certain growth, but the effect has not so obvious when August. The following picture is October (value PV), the flow is from the beginning of October 4th is no longer updated website:


value of September (value PV):

August (PV numerical value is:

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