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on the registration problem, some people feel tired, to share, not to suggest such a shortcut, those who do not know how many people use the forum, effect is not so good, or their honest to register it. Although do BBS signature links very simple and boring, but also need skills, so I need to be in the process of slowly accumulating experience, soon you will find that you have done very well. It is said that the recent Shanghai love update, BBS signature chain is down the right, but as a simple method of adding outside chain, we still can not abandon. You know you do not, your competitors are doing, that you have the cup


first I registered forum 25, good luck, there are 8 links in the signature can be done at. I will be the forum signature all set to "personal internet home page can link pointing drag icon in the icon, and then in each forum posting a, for a joke, finally is quietly waiting for the love Shanghai collection. Not long, collected good, I used the "drag the icon" keyword can find out the website, just a little problem. Shanghai Longfeng people should understand the forum signature, the new Shanghai dragon, if do BBS signature, web site keywords ranking is the point the day and await for it. But we can’t do a lot of posts in a forum, only leave a few links, so important to obtain higher power. Not what posts are going back many posts back to the useless, replies and best choice for top post, technical post, Jiajing stick and so on, as far as possible by the former point replies. The theme for the words, the content must be good, not original also must be original. In addition the forum should not be too hasty, don’t like a soy sauce, actually take the time to pay attention to other parts of the forum, and the forum for the exchange of people, they may become your site visitors.

a long time ago to write this forum signature sharing, but they do not want to talk theory, so a few days ago, the forum signature, do some of the more convincing examples, we hope to help. Let’s look at the following two pictures, in contrast, is that what


estimated one guess! Yes, the first is the real station, the second is the forum signature make effect. Below I introduce my forum signature experience and share some of the notes:

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