10 to improve the user experience of Shanghai dragon training institute summary

. Clear site navigation can let users understand yourself in the web site, where you come from, where can. A large site with no clear navigation, will allow users to get lost in the vast Wenshan Tuhai, can not find the direction, can jump out of the site.

3, with Web links open in new window. A lot of training in Shanghai dragon says the site opens a new window to reduce the website bounce rate, improve the user’s P is straight. This statement, just say good, to open new windows have many disadvantages of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The new window open too much, will cause the user and website will increase the burden on the server, open the website to slow down.

8, online quiz plate. For the enterprise website can increase the online quiz plate, solve the user encountered when using the product, improve the user’s lead.

2, 4, clear navigation website

9, website advertising should adopt the way of JS calls, should not be placed directly into the website space, website open speed. In addition to advertising picture size should be appropriate, can not affect the web site.

1 of the website, logo pictures. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er love your site logo pictures do much to attract eyeballs, this approach is not appropriate. The picture is just the name of the web site logo website logo, not overwhelming. The website should be the appropriate size of logo image, the image is clear, a small amount of data.

10, the website needs user >

7, web page appearance. Web site production process, should be for different groups of different layout design. Such as women should be warm style, let the female users look more comfortable and warm.

6, web page layout reasonable. The size of the text by 14PX, line spacing in 1.8em. This paper adopts mixed map and text typesetting way, this can improve the user browsing the joy, increase the residence time of users in the website.

talking about improving the user experience of the site, many Shanghai ER face a blind dragon. Only know the user experience for Shanghai dragon optimization ranking advantage, but really talked about how to improve the user experience of the site, the brain is a blank. In fact, the improvement of website user experience, can be done from many aspects, the 10 aspects of the user experience is improved following Shanghai dragon training institute summary, for Shanghai dragon er.

5 web pages using AJAX without refreshing technology. "Using AJAX without refreshing technology can reduce the page refresh rate, reduce the burden of the web server, improve the web page open speed.

site should have online search function. A website has a lot of content, users want from so much content, found that his own interest, you need to search. No station website online search function, it is difficult to meet user needs in this area.

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