A Shanghai Longfeng project management personnel required knowledge and skills

1, the system of Shanghai Longfeng technical knowledge and project management knowledge

in the project team, there is often a bonus assignment problem, if the allocation of time allocation according to seniority qualification, not in accordance with the performance, making the project in the junior members of the complaint but work hard, it will guide.

in these two parts are the same, if Shanghai Dragon technology knowledge, project management knowledge, there may be the whole organization work, someone in the condition of strong effect. If Shanghai Dragon technology knowledge poor project management knowledge, may appear in project implementation and monitoring process because of the lack of professional knowledge and reach the goal of the project.

If the

Shanghai Dragon technology knowledge: master the knowledge system of Shanghai dragon, if Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is divided into three levels, understand, master, master, at least need to master level.

The importance of

to be engaged in this occupation of Shanghai Phoenix Project Manager, need to improve their learning ability, enrich their knowledge from different project management work, and strengthen the weaknesses of the exercise, so as to improve the overall management level of Shanghai Longfeng project.

project management knowledge: master the basic theory of project management, understand the general software project management or project management theory are good.

2, rich experience

excellent Shanghai Longfeng project manager or director of Shanghai dragon, is the most difficult to find or promoting talent most organizations, this is because of practical experience and theoretical knowledge of the Shanghai dragon project manager is very scarce, and even if there is such a person, who is also very high, so in many companies or organizations, qualified the Shanghai Phoenix Project Manager scanty. Shanghai Phoenix Project Manager is not only the implementation of the project, should be responsible for the whole process of project management, project from the beginning to the end of the project. So, a good Shanghai Longfeng project manager should possess the following qualities.

The ability of

3, deal with all kinds of interpersonal relationship

as a business, a Shanghai Phoenix Project Manager hold these three aspects of experience, is the best. These three aspects of experience if not all have, in order of importance, the first requirement is project management experience, at least once did the assistant manager or middle backbone staff experience; followed by Shanghai Dragon technology experience, have experience or keyword optimization ranking, web site overall operational experience of the staff; finally is the customer experience in the industry, such as Shanghai Dragon Industry Branch of industry relatively large knowledge, the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng, need to have some medical knowledge, English Shanghai dragon industry, need to have a certain level of English game, Shanghai dragon industry need to master certain game experience.

experience is only once did a lot of things, or the use of these two kinds of knowledge process. These experiences include three aspects: project management experience, Shanghai Longfeng technical experience, and customer experience.

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