A list of common Shanghai Longfeng orders when the user questions

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in the face of such users how to hold us? The first to give our customers a rough Shanghai Longfeng education, then give the user a clear optimization time, we estimate the time to take the indifferent form. No one can know the Shanghai dragon Er budget which one can row to the ideal position. In general, some degree of competition is not the word generally requires about three months. If the requirements of users for the time is very strict, so we advise them to do it PPC.

as the Shanghai dragon Er, we will inevitably need to face the user in the optimization of every hue to pick up various, and indeed many of the skills needed in communication with those users. Could not agree on what the user will lose, or the price is down, there is no profit. As the saying goes, "our customer is god". But to tell you the truth, we will inevitably encounter some bad temper or a smattering of Shanghai dragon "God", but no way, since we chose Shanghai Longfeng this road, we need to put our own mentality. Don’t get the list but never mind, we can not lose our professionalism, integrity and proper. The following is the three single user experience often raised their problems, and how are we going to parry this user.

: the two row to the first page can bring real benefits to my

users, as a Shanghai dragon Er, of course we want to do keyword ranking to meet user requirements as soon as possible. But Shanghai dragon person should know the Shanghai dragon needs a long-term process, this process is the length of the competition strength of key words, subjective and objective factors affecting the basic quality of the website and so on, are different in different site keywords to be home all the time is different. Most of these users are very impatient, the Shanghai dragon is scanty. Perhaps before many similar "48 hours on the first love Shanghai advertising", so that Shanghai dragon is a fast increase ranking means. Just a few days or even hours on the first page of Shanghai love, and you will analyze carefully found the use of the so-called fast ranking is not formal means. And the subsequent adverse effects it brings will likely bring fatal crisis on the site, and if we rashly for users of the site using the informal Shanghai dragon will only make you lose more users and trust.


ask this kind of questions users are skeptical attitude of friends of Shanghai dragon, is to try holding the idea came to us. In fact, it is not difficult to find that many enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng wrong concise, Shanghai Longfeng too effective, too strong. Even go directly to Shanghai dragon and network marketing equate the Shanghai Dragon strong is also confined to a means to get traffic from search engines. Shanghai dragon can make you want to traffic to your site, but.

: can fast on the first page of Shanghai

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