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above is what I want to share with you, because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also try to let friends can read everything I say, and the center of. Finally, also hope to know more and more senior practitioners (贵族宝贝locoonc贵族宝贝) author: tea Shanghai Longfeng professional >

The rapid development of

network, so the network personnel formed the search engine knowledge behavior. No matter in life, work or study, as long as it is with the network related, the need of network, search engine has become the main tool you cannot do without. To help you learn, can help you find what you need help information. Know what, or do not know what it is, love Shanghai.

The main marketing

website optimization, everybody is not strange? It has a very important position in network marketing. In order to carry out a reasonable network marketing premise, must first understand the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization points, or will be a major loss of the enterprise.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the network marketing personnel, Shanghai dragon has become one of the most important components of website marketing in the network age. The Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization, the rankings, to increase the site included this is Shanghai dragon must to do. Shanghai Longfeng optimization keywords ranking, contain the big business. A lot of small and medium-sized what industry is depending on the search engine keyword ranking create profit. The Shanghai dragon optimization in 04 years, up to now the Shanghai dragon market competition, optimization method is also increasing, the search engine algorithms often change. Shanghai dragon company in order to maintain the objectivity of the search engine rankings, continue to strengthen the research of search engine algorithm. Whether considering or do the capture of data with robot is consistent, just as much as possible to close to the robot, to avoid failures in the network marketing.

optimization to the site to bring the new value, using search engines to bring the big gains to the enterprise. A website not only do a keyword, some websites can control several or even dozens of keywords using Shanghai Longfeng technique, will remain in the search engine results page 1. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not able to bring a good image, and benefit is also considerable. The Shanghai dragon optimization technology, use the search engine, then your network marketing is a big step towards success. Therefore, seriously do website optimization will have a profound impact on the network marketing business. With the breakdown of the search engine will produce more of the search technology, control the search results will be a big new market, a new Internet market segment, different industries, different search techniques have different market segments, to different enterprise to bring economic growth. We finally announce, make good use of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, make good use of the search engine, Shanghai dragon master optimization technology to carry out network marketing practice, absolute income is broad and beautiful.

The The main purpose of

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