Jiaxing Shanghai dragon decoration site long true feeling

and many webmaster, I constantly enrich themselves through their own continuous, so some knowledge of Shanghai dragon. At the time of a day in the past, I found out the site of the essence of "hold on! Insist on getting up at six in the morning update two to three article every day, insist on the chain every day.

do with the man, want to know how to insist on, dignified and imposing, to really give his feelings. In >

in our Jiaxing this small town, in the popular keywords, other city such as: XX XX XX decoration, decoration, decoration company, we can love our Jiaxing Shanghai search index, "Jiaxing decoration, Jiaxing decoration company, Jiaxing decoration nets" searches are not check, we here in the decoration the industry is a low search industry, low degree of concern in the industry. But now some large forum in Jiaxing area are basically we decorate forum to do fast. To be honest, I do not know where the courage was dare to stick to it.

here I want to say, as a webmaster without professional learning I want to say, in fact, Shanghai dragon and no online rumors so horrible, so difficult.

I analyzed some of Jiaxing’s decoration website, I feel the decoration of Jiaxing network and Jiaxing home network are already exists, so think of a website named: Jiaxing decoration mesh. In fact, general webmaster can see, whether it is from the domain name age or other aspects of the two decoration websites too to our advantage is not a little bit of a problem. May be my attitude is different from other webmaster, I never thought the website will bring me many benefits, I’m just a love of the industry, the site of the making of a yearning.

can be said to be a chance, I entered the Jiaxing decoration industry, with vision and passion for the Internet, at the time of germination in the production of a website belongs to our own decoration in Jiaxing. Responsible person can tell you, as Jiaxing decoration mesh (贵族宝贝573zs贵族宝贝) station I never had formal learning making and the promotion of the site, is by virtue of their enthusiasm, constantly exploring go today. Here I want to share with you some of my own feelings.

after 3 months of continuous "to" I think I was lucky, our Jiaxing decoration mesh PR rose to 2, a lot of relevant keywords ranking in the home page.

finally I exchanged a first Links, a PR3 of the same industry website, was really excited and happy. When it comes to Links have to mention Puyang home network here, and they’re really not a word of thanks to the expression of their sentence, can really let me feel the warmth of the internet. Their website is PR4 but is willing to exchange links with us, they say they know people change the link not taste, also wish our website

better and better!

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