Four see the principle of competition analysis

key words, finally all of the optimization are the clouds, down to simple talk about how to analysis the degree of competition in a keyword.

analysis the degree of competition is our website optimization of the first thing to do, if we choose the wrong


2, look at the title of Keywords optimize the internal structure of websiteThe optimization of the whole

is to optimize related page number is very large, just because we often use. For example,

1, the total

3, see page in the page


The number of


100 thousand and the like, build a general website optimization, easy to get home

through the four "look" can usually be a general idea about the competition we want to optimize the key word, further analysis can determine the well so that the optimization of the key.

intitle, now the search engine to the title of the weight is very high, see search results ranking in the top 10 websites, keyword appears in the title of a number of words appear in the title, description, these sites are optimized for this keyword, then more keywords appear in the title, competition the greater the

10 to 1 million orders of magnitude, is considered moderately popular word sites have a certain weight and a chain can be improved to

analysis of a keyword competition generally has four "see":

is generally more popular keywords are home to optimize when we do analysis of the degree of competition keywords, find home page appears more, so the easier optimization, whereas it is difficult to see on the first page of the website included, each site of PR, and the YAHOO chain, which can give us a general information, we need to optimize the optimization to what extent can go beyond the website home page.

pages, the word that the greater the degree of competition. The general rule of

1 million orders of magnitude, very popular, the need for large website optimization.

site external optimization and internal optimization, through internal optimization analysis of the website can see the optimization level of competitors, if he only do external optimization but no internal optimization will be the home page, then we can more easily than rival

but when we search, such as some of the commonly used word "we", the relevant page number is very large, but if optimized easily to the home page, it is because of such words without what business parents, but no

when the search keywords related pages displayed in the search box that you want to compete with the general page,


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