Fresh water incense electric district by analyzing the ranking

2. proper density;


through the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion that is the content page has a strong ability to rank, or can understand the content page itself is very easy to get ranked, at least than the home page and list more easily, and the weight of the published web site is relatively high, but is seemingly unintentional, in fact it is intentional the.

3. some websites can send HTML tags, can be appropriate to add

Sem I understand is that more information in the search engine home page, SE algorithm in rapid change today, living space more and more small personal webmaster, because our station is not so high weight, short time didn’t have too much to do long tail keywords before a few pages of search engine however, we can use this way to release information of some of their own industry related website, the purpose is very simple in order to get a good ranking in se, release the information points to note:

has a strong content page ranking ability, I did an experiment recently, when is the release of information in me in the industry I have selected several keywords appropriate heat, orchestrated the title and content of the keyword distribution and density, after 2 days, basically a few key words are ranked in the the search engine page, because my industry is special, this is not convenient to disclose the case, but it seems that we can draw a SEM to do the good strategies and methods.

row in front of the article there is another characteristic, is illustrated and the density of keywords, keyword density is properly increased, some places can see is significantly increased the density of keywords electric circle.

business from the start has been like a raging fire of more than 20 days, I recently almost every day will give the business circle to send a index to the row in front of several send a IP, through the observation of this period of time the row for at least half is not the competition of personal Adsense in Shanghai home love the show are some large-scale web pages. Found some problems from the business circle recently this ranking we may, today Zhengzhou Shanghai Longfeng freshwater fragrance free for everyone that I recently found and some conclusion, thank God I love mules friends give me help, let me have a clearer understanding of these phenomena.

In order to prove that

row in front of the inside pages have several stations, like the pages of Admin5 and Chinaz, and after the start of the more than 20 day competition in the business circle index has soared to nearly 900, these large pages can get good rankings, the weight of these sites their weight is not in doubt, but there are another problem, the row in front of the article are to summarize the experience of articles, these articles will be given high weight.


1. title;

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