A brief analysis of the crawling spider love Shanghai

these days have been engaged in website and product promotion, do not understand many things, but those things spread, many nouns are very appealing to me. The first is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in the understanding of the process, encountered the "external links", while learning the external links and occasional "spider", suddenly received so much information, feel very magical, Shanghai dragon thing is not simple.

want to talk to you today about the word "spider". I believe that I am not the first to mention it, because I was, but I hope that my description can let more people understand this word, after all, many professional presentations are quite professional, because it was too professional, and make people feel unable to understand.

then, unified content included in a library, a library and orderly, and this is a good name "database" in the online world, the database principle I will not say more, here we mainly realize it is in a certain format or data record of things, "the spider crawling" use this dongdong. To tell you about the "spider", of course, is not our daily see spiders, it is a simple computer program, crawling is the process of implementation of the algorithm process (as saying, not simply the arithmetic process, its meaning is equivalent to the daily activities of a planning process, like recently) love Shanghai changed the search algorithm, but specifically how to change or to let people understand slowly.

"spider" image, there is also a lateral longitudinal crawl, also is our computer terminology of depth and breadth traversal traversal, and traversal of the content is greatly small website or web page, after the traversal spider active download page, then download the back page through various calculation procedures after in the search area that will form a stable ranking, and be loved in Shanghai included in the database, and finally displayed on the website of Shanghai love. Here, more than a "spider" love sent by Shanghai, but more than one, or ten, or 100, 1000, 000 or more, the number of hundreds of thousands, it certainly many, here is the computer to send spider terminology: thread. Obviously a spider is multiple threads, multiple threads.

first, introduce Shanghai included love. The network has many websites in the world, the website contains many pages, too many to count, as we like people, about 6000000000 of the population. So, some people are very influential in the world, such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Mike Jeefferson and so on, but we like these a cipher so humble. Contribution to the world of nature out of the name, then I can change the word, on the network "contribution", will be the love of Shanghai included, included is its network address, love Shanghai included, if included a lot of prestige, then you are likely to appear in the love sea search the headlines, headlines and is always of concern, because this position who want to fight, then the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization).

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