nvestors must see! You do not know the eight invisible profiteering industry

Abstract: more than 40% of the net profit of more than $1000 to sell the cost of the 10000. China’s eight invisible profits are here, investors must know.

eyewear market

glasses industry is a ‘profiteering’ industry." This view is already in the consumer’s mind. The glasses industry popular phrase: 20 yuan 200 yuan to sell glasses, you speak out, 300 yuan to sell you are talking about friendship, 400 yuan sold to you about the market.

profit analysis:

first, the cost of glasses compared to the price is very low.

in Chinese glasses Danyang Township, "memory alloy frame" $11 per pair, "fashion alloy frame" $16 per pair, "plate frame" of each pair of 16 yuan, which is the most expensive pure titanium frames, each side is only 60 yuan. But a sales store, these glasses frame worth skyrocketing, turned 10 times, or even more than 50 times.

second, technical threshold is not high: glasses process only ten minutes.

glasses actual processing time, much shorter than the clerk claimed time, some only need 10 minutes. The reason why customers wait for a few days is: unified delivery, processing, in general can save production time, the cost of machine loss.

in Beijing, refractive index 1.56 of the coated lens, in the merchant’s price list, generally about $300, refractive index of 1.61, the lens is about $600, refractive index of 1.67, the price of the lens is about $800.

in Jiangsu and Danyang, the most common, refraction is also worthy of the most rate 1.56 and green film resin lenses, each pair of the wholesale price is only 8 yuan; 1.56 gold film resin lenses, each pair of 19 yuan, the refractive index of non spherical resin glasses 1.61 21 yuan per pair.

health products

with the improvement of the quality of life of the Chinese people, more and more concerned about health. China’s health care products and health care industry is also rapidly rising, the output value of up to 300 billion yuan, the scale is only next to the United States is expected to 2020, the total market will exceed $450 billion.

health products industry is lucrative, mainly including the following factors:

first, the proportion of elderly people over the age of 60 accounted for more and more, their needs to promote the development of the health care industry.

second, about 2 billion of the population is overweight and obese, the problem of global living habits also promote the development of the health care industry.

third, improve living standards, increase the income is also a key factor in the growth of demand for health care products.

fourth, global rapid progress on health food and medicine.

beauty care

"China beauty economy annual report" pointed out: China’s "beauty economy" is becoming the real estate, automotive, electronic communications, tourism, after

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