On the internal structure of 360buy – Title Series Title article (a)



you can compare that prominent Jingdong is a Jingdong in home title this brand, and then the text is to highlight the characteristics of service Jingdong, with the characteristics of the comprehensive role description of Jingdong in the mall; Dangdang you can see on the front page of the protruding many products also belong to the class key, mall is different in the home treatment, a brand, a product; a is a product or service.

below the two level domain name title for you to see the development of Jingdong under the two level domain Title settings, as shown in figure


home title "- comprehensive online shopping mall online Jingdong preferred, authentic licensed, machine printed invoices, customer service pick-up, money and worry, at this point, to the last read from the beginning, you always can’t find a promotion focus keyword marks, compared to other web page title. Such as Dangdang home" – online shopping center dangdang贵族宝贝: books, baby, beauty, Home Furnishing, digital, home appliances, clothing, shoes and bags, authentic cheap, cash on delivery ", as shown in figure

when a few days ago, the author completed the series at Amoy shoes network layout in Shanghai Longfeng from site architecture ", a few days will write about the internal structure of the Jingdong 360buy series, because the number of 360buy in the system is huge, there are many points structure, we need to explore a good, then the first step it is from the title title article start to explain it.

two domain title set –

productsThe author lists several

keyword is extended to the entire product, specifically in the site directory, we observe that title basically covers all the web directory or popular products, as shown below.

series and popular productsThe

title set the way home – based brand


directory Title settings (1) – key extending to

we can see in the above, and all the two domains are experienced in the "Jingdong" this brand mall, then enumerate the category under the popular keyword as optimization objectives, then, need to do some keyword two level domain name appeared, from another point of the Jingdong the title keyword optimization strategy; in these two domains, I believe that Jingdong do is for the previous program and separated, because in the previous procedure has been fixed, for the digital home appliance series, if placed in the products, may affect the relationship between the primary domain, and through the two level domain name as classification the optimal point, also can let the correlation spread out, thereby creating a complete series of shopping mall.

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