How to optimize web page keywords


he is not well written, but did not reveal any secrets. If the search engine according to the method recommended by the engineer he write a search engine algorithm, it will be the worst of the search engine. This article only talked about a web page and the query correlation factors determine the earliest, also is the keyword density.

keyword in the web page of text

reality is the keyword density has been reduced to only a small part of the more important factors, more should have been used to determine the correlation between the query and web pages. Today we talk about the query keywords page optimization.

also can use boldface, italics to emphasize key words, but the one or two is enough.

can be in the front of the body, which is the first paragraph of the first sentence into words, this is a more important factor.

in the Description Tag label, Keyword label keywords Tag, image ALT tags can be put into words, but do not pay attention to keyword stuffing.

on the English page, keywords appear in URL, how much will help. A very small help for search engine relevance algorithms, but quite a lot of help to users. Because the search results are listed in the search engine, the user can judge from your file name of the page is to discuss what the.

has been on the blackboard nobility baby Mr. Wu Jun is expected to have great hope to write web pages and enquiries related articles, but after the article is published a look, very disappointed.

as long as you normally write keywords will appear in the text. It is best to put keywords in the title heading, H1-H3 has a higher weight than ordinary text, which is logical, because the title is of course this article should be discussed.

I feel 3% to 7% is more appropriate, but the weight accounted for keyword density has been very small, many ranking keyword density of the page in front of up to 30% may, or may not keywords. So if you follow the logic, according to grammatical normal write your web page, do not have too to take into account the keyword density.

URL in the

keyword The

HTML label



keyword should appear in the title tag inside the title tag, Title Tag is a very important factor at present, should contain your most important keywords.

can also be in the "most of them on the bottom of the keywords, of course should be logical and grammar, and the user friendly.

note that correlation is not only from the page file itself, including link analysis, domain trust and other factors. Today talk about page optimization.

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