How to avoid due to improper construction of the chain website down right

‘s new line of website weight is very low, but also go through a search engine evaluation period. At this time we do when the chain to the site, must ensure a steady speed. Not anxious, in order to rapidly increase the weight of the website and a link. This will be the search engine that is cheating, it is easy to cause the site right down. The new station, one day a few chain or every few days to a few outside the chain, such as the site assessment period, and then steadily increase the number of the chain every day. To maintain a stable growth rate, the number of chain growth looks natural and reasonable. This chain will increase the weight of the website. The chain instead of instability (the number fluctuation is too large) is likely to have a negative impact on the website.

what is the garbage chain? I think this is not only the chain weight of the platform, and the quality is an important aspect is the link in the page. Many blog sites are a good weight, but the message board blog is not necessarily a good place to do link. Because you leave the chain, may be included in the search engine, to a domain. But if bloggers think it is an advertising message and delete it, then this link is not what meaning. For example, when we do the link in the forum post, wrote a word and then with a link, it is not of much significance. May be because the site.

what is the reliable platform? Here refers to the stability of the chain platform. Let us try to link to a search engine can be included in a stable. Links exchange is the same, if the other site is not stable, is likely to bring down the right joint. The chain should remain stable, included, it is best to stable included. At the same time to send links to other webmasters should not be deleted. This is common in the forum, if your account to do a lot of the chain in a forum, then the account must not be administrator blocked. Otherwise it will bring no small fluctuations in the chain.

The chain construction site

the content of the website is the root of the website, the website is also the focus of the daily operation and management. A good website is easy to get a good weight. But now the Internet is very fierce competition, the same key words there are a lot of people doing. The site is now in order to have a good ranking, only good content is not enough, the construction of the chain is key to obtain good rankings. Many webmaster all know the importance of the chain, in the usual work in the chain has also invested a lot of time and effort, but sometimes that did not receive the expected effect, or even because of the construction of the chain caused by improper site is down right. This paper summarizes some can lead to the chain construction site down the right, in the usual work, should avoid a similar situation.

choose a reliable platform to do the chain

‘s new line must not be too much

why to avoid junk chain

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