May get together financing, reflecting the guests what want to fish, what ifTo choose the alliance W

I had forecast in 2017 when he mentioned that the pattern changes will appear in the broadcast industry in 2018, 2017 is the industry practicing internal strength of the year, but more than half of 2017, live in the moat industry almost no contribution:

capital investment or capital pattern laid or is no longer invested tens of millions of capital investment has been unable to live again a wave, and it is all in the capital ripening situation, the bones of the broadcast industry congenitally deficient no cure caused by the inevitable result.

3, user growth, live broadcast from the public

May live show industry is very lively:

online roll for a period of time. No one would like to use this platform to make online advertising on the network, now most of the advertising, now I comment spam and recommended advertising or make new friends walk less detours.

the entire broadcast industry has experienced Rainbow Night in 2017 2016, two years, broadcast from the industry conference guest become tourists, from public people live into the leisure time to see the good, from the outlet is capital chasing into a short video industry quickly replaced, but the broadcast industry pattern in 2016 compared to almost no what to change. The industry capital structure yet, but love to ignore, but did not get the attention of capital due and sustained power in the broadcast industry pattern yet the moment the meeting of wind and clouds.

2, the profit model in addition to the show still all losses whether pepper, Betta, or reflect off, and other profit model tours patternsoutside still do not see the direction of

at the same time, according to my understanding, Betta 1 billion level D round of financing will be announced, from Zhejiang newspaper independent standard round on a million levels of financing is to be announced.

1, content, mobile or show based, the content of the game is not very smooth transition, PGC is still in the ascendant, the broadcast has not become a lifestyle, is still a tool to kill time;

website, blog can do! · · integrated · · for example, computer and so on station do · · · · Ali mother, before the fire to pull off the assembly line · · · I didn’t catch, too bad! You don’t know?


May 24th, obtained 100 million yuan Columba interactive live pepper B round of financing valuation of about 5 billion yuan;


from the finance and public opinion, public opinion on the broadcast platform in polarization, hand off to reflect the PR industry to heart is full, and the rise of air and let live short video in one year after the rapid to silence, and on the other hand, the failure is not the end of the live broadcast aperture industry industry pattern is still in the Warring States period pattern. There are variables, the capital is still waiting for the final Lazi lore, but chase outlet capital has to pay attention to the short video and other industries.

May 16th, tiger direct completed $75 million A round of financing;


second: Ali, mum,

May 25th, panda live completed 1 billion yuan B round of financing;

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fourth: first video

May 2nd, cheetah’s live broadcast received $60 million financing;

third: Qihoo alliance

in May 9th, reflecting off bondage xuanya international more than 50% of the shares of 7 billion yuan valuation;

first: shlf1314

one, group release financing is helpless PR

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