Four kinds of methods to refuse the temptation of beginner to masterA pancake shop valued at 1 billi

results 90% feedback is what you say, or ask for answers, or conspiracy theories.

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four: Wangzhuan novice don’t target set too high, a lot of people see a day to earn thousands of dollars on the project, like a swarm of bees swarmed to, finally will sting head broken and bleeding, novice Wangzhuan goals can be started from 20 yuan, or 10 yuan, 5 yuan and so on, don’t be attracted outside the temptation according to the specified target, you do, you will slowly.

so it’s a word all the way: grab!

80-90 grab appliances, a color TV can buy refrigerators, tickets can be sold to 500-1000 yuan. this does not have any concept for 90

two: there are a lot of Wangzhuan industry, and network marketing, and do SEO optimization and so on, we must learn to resist the temptation to absorb a Wangzhuan industry leader’s experience, through to their experience of learning and summarize, can overcome the interference of other Wangzhuan, of course may be appropriate if financial investment limited through self-study, reading, and people can still succeed!

Wangzhuan will really make people a temptation, many people are involved in the xiaojiannaodai Wangzhuan industry, but once inside, you will find many things are unable to start, a lot of people have been West a stick hammer, finally had to leave the network to make industry, why these temptations people is injured, the key is we don’t have a good execution, the execution is not necessarily able to resist the temptation, for example, today you spend a lot of energy to complete the 20 yuan higher, but tomorrow you will earn 30 yuan, 50 yuan, or even 100 yuan, 500 yuan, so it will change the direction of the original work, but once found their efforts is not up to the temptation of the target, so the beginner will be downhearted! Is doomed to fail, so for the network For beginners, the first thing is to learn how to resist temptation. Here are four aspects:

70-80’s rob cloth, rice oil, grab supplies. Then there is a product called cloth tickets, food stamps.

as a new media, new economic observer and practitioner, I is not no reason to discredit him touted Huang Taiji, also not parrot.

the day before yesterday, I saw a news that Huang Taiji latest valuation of 1 billion 200 million yuan, and took a round of financing.

over the past thirty years, China has been growing wild in a semi market economy. We look at people who have developed well around us, or have a look at the wealth rankings. In addition to a small number of enterprises, the overwhelming majority are relying on resources to seize the market position.

lack of independent thinking ability is the failure of our education, blindly follow the trend or listen to authority is personal sorrow.

: Wangzhuan in the right direction, the direction of nature is the most formal Wangzhuan do normal station, then began to SEO optimization and attract loyal users, this process is very long, have to spend several years, or even additional investment, if you have the ability to do the site, this is natural first, it can make a lot of money, if you do not have that ability, but you also have such as Photoshop to proficiency in a particular line, art design, still can be registered on the network Witkey to make money, if you do not have proficiency in a particular line it doesn’t matter, as long as you are willing to learn, natural technology can, so for the beginner first of all, to learn a skill, a suitable direction you Wangzhuan technology, and then stick to it, we will be able to Wangzhuan


! ! >

in the 90-2000, robbed phones, mobile communications equipment, computers. Home with a phone to 3500-5000 yuan fee, buy a mobile phone to nearly 10000 yuan admission fee, a compatible machine to nearly a million, it is told as stories.

three: in the Wangzhuan industry is not peer is the enemy, you can make some friends from the same industry, mutual learning experience, after all, the network is a big cake, but also through the same industry to also be able to make this Wangzhuan cake, naturally we are able to earn money, if you blindly behind closed doors, or see what new Wangzhuan project, whether it is not suitable for yourself, start to do, without their network is difficult to obtain the success of

success! !

Huang Taiji has been scolded all the way to the present, everyone said nothing more than his pancake fruit is not good, the boss like limelight, do not make pancakes, but busy talking about aliens. Questioned his financing amount, questioned his model.

so today I will use the market economy and the mobile Internet economy to analyze the difference, Huang how to let investors crazy?.

yesterday I in several WeChat group launched the topic: why Huang Taiji can in such a short time to such a high valuation, investors are crazy? Talk about

so, what I write here is only for my personal thinking, you can make different opinions, or you can say I’m talking nonsense, because you can try to talk nonsense, as long as you can justify yourself.


with five warehouse founder, Mr. Pan Dingguo, the chief officer is a fan of like-minded comrades. he has been questioned all the time, and I always support him, not solely because of feelings, but because I know what he is going to do.

the market economy of our country is developing from a shortage of planned economy.

he has been sharing with me, let me seriously think about what is the difference between the mobile Internet economy and the traditional economy, and this is the key to our grasp of the times change opportunities in the next ten years.

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