Baisha Wangzhuan introductionA PE practitioner’s monologue why do we all run away from the PE circle

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"in the PE institutions earn money is enough, but every day work, a financial model, calculate the return on investment, although unlike the VC mechanism that risk can obtain stable annual management fees, but compared with VC institutions, all face a variety of challenges, the value and sense of achievement, and PE compared to investment really did not mean much."

Abstract: as a veteran investor, Tony left his former employer for 8 years. It was a fine drizzle that day. Even though he was a little disappointed, Tony packed his bags and left the place where he had spent half a year.

and this phenomenon has continued, including a number of PE institutions GPLP Jun know investors have quit, give up a glamorous jobs and millions of high paying, defected to the bitter VC, as a savvy investor, it is a rational choice in economics? Mr. GPLP really think impassability.

in this regard, a foreign PE institutions as partners, GPLP Jun Tucao, PE investment is in a fixed area dance, where there are VC institutions of floor exercise, people feel excited ah?. Previously, the investor invested $100 million in the first two years, creating 2-3 times as much money as LP. In the face of the silver and commission, the friend was never happy.


that day, it was drizzling.



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"it was pretty tough at the time, the boss was ok with me and the performance was good, but I just didn’t want to do it."." "Face GPLP, drink a glass of juice," Tony sighed.

however, he did not regret his choice.

is more important than money, freedom and a sense of achievement,

, a veteran investor, has left Tony’s former employer for 8 years.

but since it’s a phenomenon, it’s worth mentioning.

"many of my friends don’t do PE. They’re really middle-aged. They want to live for themselves seriously."." Tony said he felt really relaxed at the moment, and so did his friends.

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although a little reluctant, Tony still pack up, left the place where he spent half a year’s youth.


from Maslow’s theory of demand, when money is only digital, they seek more Pyramid is the spirit of the pursuit. To put it bluntly, just three words – sense of achievement.


left PE’s investors are mostly of this type of people, they are not short of money — a lot of people through years of work to achieve the financial freedom, they want to be truly free and life satisfaction.

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