DrawBridge the mobile advertising platformWhat is the core of the nternet to make money

and Shiva Lamarck Les Aa chose the advertising industry, and in 2010 created a cross platform mobile advertising company Drawbridge. She uses her own profession to solve a difficult problem for many digital companies: how can users get revenue from advertising as they move to mobile devices?. Drawbridge uses statistical methods to rely on anonymous data to track people up and down when they switch back and forth on smartphones, tablets and PC.

is one of many startups that are studying how to better track users using different devices, Drawbridge. These companies are looking for great market opportunities because the current advertising industry has failed to keep up with the rapid spread of mobile devices.


do Wangzhuan is more than a year, Fuzhou SEO earn very little money almost only enough living expenses, but did not give up, always believe in this direction, I believe that soon you can earn a lot of money! It has been constantly learning, constantly sum up, has summed up a self that is the core secret network to make money! Maybe wait until after a period of time, as I grow, look back at their summary will feel not so right, but, at least, this is the most I can know

Drawbridge says that more than 200 million devices have been matched to create anonymous user information. Shiva Lamarck Les Aa said businesses could buy advertising through anonymous user information, such as travel sites or online retailers, and could increase their ROI by 2 to 3 times. Similarly, Drawbridge can use these methods to help mobile application developers attract loyal users.

Drawbridge technology has attracted great attention, there are two main reasons: one is the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers KPCB and the top Vc firm Sequoia Capital investment is two, the method can protect personal privacy.

a lot of people, a lot of training in teaching methods, teaching methods, teaching new


: I think: the real core technology is: conversion rate instead of traffic method,

Drawbridge uses a statistical approach that relies on anonymous data to track people up and down when they switch back and forth on smartphones, tablets and PC.

then, I confused, I know this is the epitome of a lot of technology master, why even master technology, marketing master, why can only be reduced to such an extent that I thought these "master" just can’t understand the merchant’s thinking, not only to understand the full, was employed, but until recently, I have a new view.

with the popularity of mobile devices, consumers in different time periods will use different computing devices, for businesses, they need more effective mobile advertising to stimulate revenue growth.

, Us Venture Capital Firm’s KPCB partner, Marie · Mick Mary Meeker recently in a report >

what · Shiva Lamarck Les Aa Carmack Kamakshi; Sivaramakrishnan said that in her in the information theory field with a doctoral degree, if you do not want to stay in the academic circles, so most of them go to Wall Street in the job.

!The conversion of

Lamakelaisi Na Silva said: "re positioning is a powerful strategy for Web market, and we will be introduced to the mobile device." For example, Drawbridge might know that we visited a retailer website on our home PC, and on the second day I sent an ad to my smartphone when I was at work.

into a simple internal conversion and external conversion rate, conversion rate is: internal conversion rate and the rate of "customer service if the product is their own customer service. external conversion rate is: people see you. Come see the percentage of the total number of accounts for your web site of the external transformation! The rate is: the ability to guide, this is easily overlooked place.

I have been a year and a half of SEO, optimized forty or fifty sites, and a year barely stopped the update and send the chain, SEO technology is not poor, coupled with the recent research on search engine for learning, can be said to account for the skilled bidding optimization technology, it can be said from the network promotion technology aspect, I should be the master of technology! But I didn’t earn what money! Something that I have been worried about is a technical master, often technology is strong, easy money! Until I met a bidding sh419 technology good, but is willing to others work, with bidding optimization technology is very strong, but only those who have a customer service as nine to five life, waiting to be paid at the end of



I also do Wangzhuan only more than a year to understand this truth, the Internet is the lack of traffic, it seems that I was misled by some marketing guru, they said, from the three aspects of customer product marketing, as long as there is a large number of customers list can earn big money, in fact not so simple the conversion rate, than the list of these customers may be more important, because the list is directional flow, the Internet is the lack of traffic, you can buy can go to the drainage, but lack most is designed to do marketing conversion rate of

I think a lot of "technical experts" are "fake masters", because they are only shallow technical experts, but not master the real core technology.

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