How to break the two round of public ownership of the chips, how to break the bureauData analysis of

according to the definition of transaction cost, raise public equity can be simply classified into several parts, the first part is the communication and contract signing process of financing investment financing both sides, seek standard cost; the second part is the completion of investment after the congregation raised investors into the agency; the third part is the investors exit in the process of information search the contract is signed, and the cost of communication. Among them, the transaction costs of the first and third parts are narrow transaction costs, shared by both sides of the transaction, while the second part of the transaction cost is mainly the agency costs faced by investors.

What are the transaction costs of

. On the financing of enterprises, to raise funds over the basic, means the end of financing activities. For investors, it is completely different, only the smooth experience of investment and withdrawal of the two links, equity investors to raise investment is a complete process. Or from another angle, according to the rational person’s hypothesis, unceasingly withdraw from the equity for the purpose of raising all investment is not reliable.

comprehensive view, sh419’s new suspension ad although the click rate is good, but the unit price is very low, there is no value to do. Not to mention the suspended advertising as a nuisance dogskin plaster, affecting the entire page appearance, also affect other advertising hits, at present, sh419 suspended advertising, is certainly The loss outweighs the gain. move.

is now likely to be the testing stage, after all, has just been launched, advertisers also rarely cause, click on price is very low, only 33 clicks 1.64rmb revenue per click, only 0.0496, even 5 cents less, so there is no advertising price, the value of doing, hope, stability, too at the testing stage, can improve, even if it is half price to promote the theme, it is acceptable.

1 click rate is high,

from the existing mode of raising public shareholding mode of view, through the construction of an internet financial platform, financing information display projects, improve the efficiency of communication between the financial and investment parties. The existing public equity raise mode, rely on the Internet information technology is a good solution to the first part of the transaction cost, reduce the financing threshold Small and micro businesses, expand the small and micro financing channels, this is also the reasons for the rise of the public to raise equity.

data, 2041 of the display, 33 is the number of clicks, click rate reached 1.62%, the click rate and I always hits more than 0.16%, 10 times higher than the majority, is mainly the display advertising to attract users attention, attract visitors click.

is the transaction cost is a concept of Kos in "the nature of enterprise" in the text, in a narrow sense can contract negotiations and every transaction attributed to market the cost; broad sense is the viewpoint of Professor Zhang Wuchang, all the cost that does not exist in the Robinson people are trading cost. According to Zhang Wuchang’s understanding, we can also attributed agency costs to the scope of transaction costs, and understand the cost of the allocation of resources after the completion of the market allocation in the enterprise.

in 2015, the figure has become increasingly far away, the policy and the market hot, constantly raising the stock industry, the amount of about 3000000000 Yuan financing the market answer, compared with the market heat, the results are embarrassing. In fact, not effectively solve the problem of transaction costs raised in the process of raising the project floor, the congregation raised the equity industry will always be embarrassed.

Description: the first line is the total data, and the second line is the data of the suspended advertisement.

my site was launched from 2 p.m. on February 2nd. At 1 noon today, I got the test data as follows.


existing stock raising patterns of defects

‘s equity investors?

3 is too eye-catching, leading visitors to the theme of advertising ignored

from the data I tested, I came to the following conclusion:


2 extremely low price

yesterday, after the suspension of advertising, resulting in my sh419 theme promotion, click rate declined. As far as I can imagine, the eyes of the visitors have been attracted by the suspension advertisement. Attention has been dispersed, and the theme promotion on the web has been neglected, which has led to a decrease in the click rate of theme promotion.

I put half a day from But all of the current As a supplement to the multi-level capital market, the stock raising industry platform is a complete capital market, and it is the place where the financing and investment activities occur in

made a day of data analysis of sh419’s ad suspension, and sh419’s Promotion Alliance launched a new business. In February 2nd, it launched a suspension ad. A total of 3 advertising formats, floating couplet ads, floating buttons, the bottom right corner floating window. When you receive the mail to sh419 after the first time I added a suspended advertising, is my own station test data, we can also go to the sh419 alliance at the official show, the following is my test data for reference.

platform to raise public equity, whether it is well-known platform or the grassroots platform, the design mode of the public to raise equity, ignore or deliberately avoided the transaction cost exists in the second and third part. The neglect of these two parts can not really reduce the transaction costs of the investment and financing process

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