6 years ago, after borrowing $500 thousand to start a business in the past 6 years with $2 billion 3

Supercell is a well-known game company in Finland, the acquisition of large sums of money also shows that the game is the root of Tencent. Foreign media analysts said the acquisition of Tencent Supercell will consolidate its position as a global leader in the PC and mobile gaming industry.

with the determination of the acquisition, Supercell’s latest financial situation has surfaced: as of the end of 2015, Supercell net assets of 8 billion 160 million euros. In addition, Supercell2015 earnings report, the company achieved a total operating income of $2 billion 330 million a year, net profit of $964 million (about 6 billion 280 million yuan).


In fact, Supercell is a start-up company founded by 6 senior game developers in 2010, headquartered in Finland, Helsinki, and has offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and

. That is to say, the establishment of just 6 years, Supercell has the value of $8 billion 600 million, the valuation onto each employee of Supercell, the mean of nearly $40 million. After the success of recruit more people, but Supercell did not do so far, their team is less than 200 people.


6 years ago, the company borrowed $500 thousand to start the Finland government; after 6 years, with its annual revenue of $2 billion 300 million to become the taxpayer, and the company executives swept the Finland personal tax amount before five.

6 years ago, the company’s first product failed to declare; after 6 years, it is only on the game is called the industry’s "conquer the world"".

Supercell is currently developing the "tribal conflict", "Jones island", "cartoon farm" and "the Royal war" for a few games. According to market research firm Newzoo data, in the United States and Europe, these four games are on the iOS mobile gaming revenue rankings into the top 20. All of Supercell’s games are free to download, by selling virtual goods to help players upgrade skills and profitability.

2013, Forbes will be named Supercell as the fastest growing gaming company. A source pointed out that any buyer of Supercell must agree to allow the 6 founders to control the conditions of the company, the new owner can not be forced to IPO, nor the dismissal of the existing management team. (really overbearing)

After the listing of

, the social gaming company Zynga market capitalization was higher than Supercell, due to the inability to continue or copy the success of the country Resort (FarmVille), its market value is now higher than the 2012 decline of 80%. It still makes some investors worry that the company is easy to change radically, Mobile Games, after the acquisition of Supercell will continue to continue.

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