shlf1314 suspended AdSense referrals business behindDon’t make money can become garbage site flying

must take the money.


mentioned the mental problems of personal webmaster. These two articles may have a bit of impression on the people: personal webmaster responsibility is essential, the establishment of the website, your beliefs what?. These two articles have been published on admin5. If you don’t remember, you can blog about my blog site uid=1. For these two articles, many webmaster put forward their own ideas and opinions. Many webmaster think, if always for the user to consider, the personal webmaster founded web site without interest, can figure, three meals a day will be a problem.

2 users: the author speaks so noble, how, and who pay for our webmaster pay? Is this society? Is those who only know the harvest without paying users? Part of the same station also is the society, we are working hard, but when we found that when we the pay is far less than the return is the author, you will choose? When we update a website and, I ask the author, who cared about our webmaster

we all do stand. Can understand and understand the difficulties of webmaster, also very sympathetic to the situation of the webmaster. Webmaster daily day and night flutter in their station, the entire site is the crystallization of their efforts. Who doesn’t want the site to make money?.


this comprehensive stop AdSense promotion, Zhou Xinning think this promotion program before the existence of unreasonable nature. The owners reflect from the beginning of June 2007 to promote shlf1314 Adsense rules have explicitly prohibited the use of online advertising shlf1314 Adsense products, but when we in shlf1314 search keywords shlf1314 Adsense still can see a lot of direct shlf1314 Adsense promotion advertising publicity. shlf1314 Adsense support for " whether you can use online advertising to promote my promotion advertising " is explained: No, you may not be as specific and the sole purpose of using online advertising to buy traffic to generate conversion, except on explicit permission from advertisers, and their website meets the target page quality guidelines shlf1314. The existence of this situation, it can be said that shlf1314 is unable to resist the temptation to sell from shlf1314 Adwords. There are many factors that influence AdSense business promotion, then from the promotion, do Chinese webmaster from also taste the sweetness, a lot of people rely on the promotion of AdSense promotion, to make the money, just because the terms of which there are some unreasonable, can only say to you on the success of a registered website the new AdSense, so it is possible for you to get the recommended cost a lot of money. The cost is sometimes higher than the monthly revenue from text ads. Compared with the advertising alliance, shlf1314 has only a lot of money to pay for it

recently, from shlf1314 letter sent to the webmaster in the letter to understand, shlf1314 will completely suspend AdSense promotion business. By the end of the last week of August 2008, the AdSense promotion plan will be suspended. For publishers that are launching AdSense recommendations, they suggest that the site withdraw all AdSense referral code and place AdSense text ads that still can be put in.

doesn’t have any economic value, so you don’t have to think about how users feel about it,

In the previous articles,

net friend 1; spiritual life based on material life, no money to live, do not think how to stand to feed themselves, but also for the user experience to consider so much?. Can you do that? I want to worry about food and clothing, owners also are willing to sit down and put their own station do have value, the development of a process.


But please remember:

, but I’d like to ask the station owners:

with some illegal tactics, money is earned, but the webmaster, your reputation and reputation in the minds of users will be gone. What you earn is only money in front of you. No one will stay one more second for a website that makes you feel miserable and confused

has no economic value, so you can do the full page ads,

AdSense is recommended to recommend the delivery AdSense, so as to obtain benefits, that is to say someone recommended placing AdSense ads, so if others make money, so as to recommend people can also obtain the corresponding revenue, the provisions of shlf1314, within 180 days, if you introduce people earn $5, you can get $5 the reward; within 180 days if you introduce people earn $100, you can get a $250 reward; within 180 days, your introduction there are more than 20 revenues of $100, you can get $2000. Also related to AdWords promotion, Firefox promotion, for example: recommend downloading Firefox browser with shlf1314 toolbar, and other people through your connection to download once, you can earn 0.1~1 U.S. dollars.

is it possible to do this without money? Without money, has it become a high sounding excuse for spam sites?


has no economic value to be able to go to the squandering charming eyes and pictures of

below is the net friend to these two article message.

saw the two comments, my heart also shake. First, I did not expect, once again, have to say this two users It stands to reason. I think this is also the voice of many webmaster.

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