The dangerous Alliance 14 motorcycle game player and their shared Mobell dreamWeChat public platform

, an avid entrepreneur,

the success of sharing bicycles encouraged them over the past year. Now, with tens of billions of capital into madness, there have been more than 10 million sets of shared bicycle was put in the country, and the two leader Mobell ofo valuations are also more than 2 billion dollars. The success of sharing bicycles seems to have given the "sharing" of these two words, some kind of magic, sharing of rechargeable treasure, sharing KTV, sharing basketball, sharing umbrellas have become hot topic of public opinion.

natural difference between WeChat and micro-blog platform properties

understand the difference we can basically determine the content on the WeChat platform class is difficult to go on account of the grassroots, grassroots micro-blog information attention fans are active to see, the user can choose not to see these scripts, WeChat information push is mandatory, like mobile phone text messages, and users of SMS spam is natural if you’re bored, as a grassroots WeChat account even every day to push a piece of information, I believe that in a few days your fans will fall, even if the user does not cancel the attention, but every intelligent push a piece of information, so that the account of the value of advertising is not very high, while the promotion cost WeChat account is the high, because micro-blog and micro-blog did not recommend forwarding mechanism of the square, so that no influence of any brand of grassroots account it is difficult to promote, need to spend a lot of time Users everywhere pay attention to the input-output ratio is quite uneconomical.

this problem many friends have mentioned, although Sina micro-blog has been trying to "forward" function to micro-blog is still the media attribute, micro-blog platform is still the core contents of communication, because micro-blog needs a lot of quality content, so it appears the grass root micro-blog. WeChat is a strong social networking platform for users to use WeChat to chat with friends, instead of text messages and phone calls. Users will be basically formed in mind, read news to micro-blog, contact friends with WeChat.

, these serial entrepreneurs who do not seem to have much contact with each other, now share a common identity – sharing E-bike players. Of course, in addition to Zhai Guanglong, Li Rubin, Xia Tao and Zhang Tianxiong these Internet entrepreneurs, get together in this area, there are more than a dozen from the traditional electric vehicle industry "old gun"". But their common goal is to become the electric bicycle industry – sharing Mobell or ofo.

?What’s the bottom line of

Li Rubin, treasure travel founder and CEO, founder and chairman of school education;


these problems linger in the minds of all the players. As one industry insider says, players sharing bikes are "dangerous", "they may suddenly become rich, or they may disappear overnight."".

however, after experiencing the impact of new formats such as the Internet, about cars and shared bikes, the speed of the policy for sharing motorcycles has become ever more rapid. In May 22nd, the Ministry of Communications issued a draft opinion on sharing bicycles, which explicitly stated that "the development of Internet rental electric bicycles is not encouraged."". Prior to this, a shared bicycle around the draft, there are one or two words casually mention sharing the bike, but enough to make the game player with; at the same time, sharing a motorcycle had stopped running as soon as the news It is often seen.

micro-blog grassroots large operation is not suitable for WeChat, then there is another way to operate WeChat account, I think there are some ways to refer to, but the cost of investment will be very high. Since WeChat is a strong relationship between the platform of one to one, so if you can create a strong interaction with the public account features of WeChat public platform? Similar to White asked no use to know the platform, interactive quiz and one-way push combination, and make full use of WeChat keyword automatic > public platform

capital come in,

WeChat recently launched a public platform for anyone can open their own registered public account to attract fans attention, he is the most attractive function is to be aimed at these fans sending WeChat news, which makes grassroots entrepreneurs find new business opportunities, who missed the grassroots people began to register the micro-blog era like "cold jokes" grassroots publicity around WeChat account pull fans, that are found after micro-blog grassroots large a new business opportunity. We IT teahouse is also the first time WeChat opened the public accounts and through the website, group and mailing lists and other publicity, use a period of time that this micro-blog grassroots completely different nature, basically is unlikely to present a grassroots micro-blog similar business opportunities, so we advertise their WeChat account just to expand the user, in free help WeChat reasons are as follows:

When will ?

Zhai Guanglong, the founder of the daily car, the former ant short hire CEO, the United States Group founder team members;

what kind of grassroots account might have a chance at WeChat


development or wait and see?

dream to become the next Mobell or ofo them, at the moment, in the dance in shackles.


Zhang Tianxiong, former Zhaopin VP, founder of APP, a mobile medical olive commune de Yu Kang founder.


because of the pattern, name and appearance are extremely similar, shared motorcycles can be developed by sharing the Dongfeng of the bike, eliminating the tedious steps of educational users and investors. In many accept interview focused NetEase motorcycle sharing: sharing to solve the bicycle game player seems 1-3 km ultra short distance travel demand drops, more to solve the over 10 km long travel demand, sharing the motorcycle focus on 3-10 km in the short distance travel market.


Xia Tao, love driving co – founder;

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