Personal website to seek , shlf1314 and other manufacturers heavily against seemingly impossible odd

, in last year’s second master conference, IDG company on the spot selected and invested in five or six to attend the meeting of the personal website, through personal website contact webmaster general assembly has more than 30. "We always think that the personal website is fertile ground for our venture capital, IDG Capital Partners Lin Dongliang previously said, and yesterday, IDG partners to Hong pointed out that IDG investment in the future will still focus on entertainment, making friends, blog, community and so on. He also admitted that IDG had failed investment, the reason is mainly invested website problems, such as acting on time, said at the end of things always delay for a long time; in addition, the speech is always very good, but then continue to go down, when > flicker others the

Wangzhuan information network currently 80% day traffic from search engine, external links to the flow of little, in learning SEO, see others say can improve the flow by bookmarking, forum, blog, soft, Links etc., Wangzhuan information network have done this way to promote the site 0fly. Cn, but the effect is really very good, take it as a forum, a post, a day not to sink, in some famous forum, a bad end is the administrator and other members that you deliberately engage in AD, ID is not good for you.

network method, Wangzhuan information network has not been tried.

writing soft text is more effective, every time I write a high-quality soft Wen published A5, the day’s traffic will be greatly improved, but second days traffic and maintain the same before, and the excitement drop again.

Wangzhuan information network finally through self practice the following experience:

at the same time, more than 300 personal webmaster "operators to adjust the personal website profit effect" and "the personal website of the core competitiveness" and "personal website and mainstream website interaction", "how to dealing with VC" and other topics of intense discussion, many long said benefits. At the same time, some famous venture capital institutions such as IDG, LIAN sources, golden state investment, also have to participate in, and to find out the object can investment cooperation in those who arrived at the scene led to afflict capital investment owners great concern.

As for the

1. write original articles, and there is readability, the first visit to visitors next time will patronize your station, can accumulate flow, that is so-called word of mouth promotion. This is difficult for many webmasters adhere to, because impetuous, want to make money quickly, but blindly use some blunt promotion methods to improve traffic flow to make money, but the effect is not good.

newspaper news reporter Jiao Jiying after the MII and the mobile SP industry has issued rectification, the loss of a large number of sources of income have attracted the attention of the people decide on what path to follow personal website. In April 21st, hundreds of wandering in the plight of the personal webmaster gathered in Xiamen, third in Chinese China stationmaster Congress Internet association, 265 network companies on how to develop win-win problems. In addition to individual owners and venture capitalists active, shlf1314 and other large Internet Co also came to the net looking for prey.

risk investment actively contact personal webmaster

It is reported that

How to improve the flow of Wangzhuan

said everyone can put blog traffic into my master station, this is a good idea, but out of the question, for some beginners own station has not got popularity, which still have energy to promote the blog, at most a day from the blog attracted several IP. This method is suitable for medium master.

personal website for shlf1314 and other big manufacturers "desperate every child" heavily cut saw Web2.0

2. gets a lot of traffic by search engine rankings

above information network Wangzhuan the true feelings, may also have the wrong places, perhaps used properly, we can put forward opinions.

information network Wangzhuan because in some famous forum, continued a few days with their own chain chain of the last post by the administrator ruthless title. A chain of words, some of the friends of the chain website traffic and information network Wangzhuan although large, but a day through his chain to at most only a dozen IP, friends of the chain’s role is to improve your PR value and weight.

if you are on the website is the sales of these goods, and write related products is a good soft Wen promotion, but to rely on advertising to make the flow of the webmaster, this way the biggest advantage is very easy to get a lot of the chain.

as one year experience in website, I have a rich fantasy like to do first in the personal webmaster, then a formal alliance lost in the end, and then try to cheat, then K is always helpless, to the current monthly income 2000+, most people are less willing to share their experience, I come to announce under the support of good.

the individual stationmaster Congress after voted out of the ten new owners "are: Li Shanyou ku6, Zhang Zhengjun admin5, Chen Yiguang hubei, Sun Yu tomatolei, Dong Qinfeng im286, Xu Guangbin lanmang, Wang set phpwind, Zhang Wei, Xu Le, Yang Fucheng The selection of the ten innovative personal website: "express network, 51 friends, storm, 4399 games, DWS, personal webmaster statistics, cool news portal, green, China and renamed China bus network.


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