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reward factor is the reward after action, which is a physical or psychological element.

once the preliminary design completed, invited a non industry friend or family member test application. Whether the button text is easy? To understand? They encountered problems recorded and corrected from the private assistant services company She’s Got Systems founder of Kaili · Azevedo Kelly Azevedo.

6, tailoring the design of your

, for example, is a reward for getting the brain endorphins also known as Eindhoven to be pleasurable and satisfying by accomplishing a positive task. Man has a purpose in doing everything, and the achievement of that goal is a reward.

scripts, but surly occurs in each person.

4, use convenient to


3, planning the next line experience

as a company operating personnel, most of them have, in addition to any custom companies outside the mandatory requirements of the

habit whose formation takes the trigger point as the starting point and ends with the reward.

one, about the habit itself,

Leader asks to write a log summary every day, most of the operations will copy yesterday’s mail, change a few data submitted, and encountered holidays simply do not write;


, for example, some operations take the bus every day, began to see almost with 36Kr, the car is a trigger point, a variety of trigger points, the list of tasks can also become a trigger point.

2, deep user interest

trigger point is a factor that triggers us to act.


Leader requires good time management, most of the operations over the day, month after year, do not know what they have done, what is valuable, and what is worthless;

Leader requires data thinking and expression, and most operations will use "many", "most" and "lower" attributes to discuss the issue;

mobile application testing is still a relatively new field, but it’s a very big impact on Application development. With the help of the platform such as Artisan to complete these tests — from online business intelligence service website RJMetrics founder Robert · Moore Robert J. Moore.

even if all people have the intelligent mobile phone, this does not mean that they are playing mobile phone master. In view of this, the mobile application is very simple, even a novice can quickly learn to use the founder from financial education website Money Crashers Personal Finance Andrew – Schrage Andrew Schrage.

5, was as simple as retarded

user’s interest is far more important than your own. You need a deep understanding of the user’s interest, and set different nodes gradually detonated their spirits. With this idea in mind, create user experience to play. Otherwise, you can only try and dice gambling, conference call service company Speek founder Danny Beyonce Danny Boice ·.


effectively building good habits, relying solely on the organization or the use of willpower is not enough, we need to understand how the formation of habits in essence, and then formulate appropriate strategies according to personal circumstances.

imagine, as an operating company for start-up companies, are you familiar with the following scenes,


and Android users >


some successful popular applications such as WorkFlowy and Evernote work on offline use, the user does not connect to the WiFi or other network can still enjoy their services. Mobile developers in the development stage to think clearly, how users can experience the service – founder Doreen · from Poshly Inc the beauty of technology startups in offline mode; Bloch Doreen Bloch

the goal of many people for 16 years is to fix the 2015 arrangements that were originally scheduled for 2014, not for anything else, but only to honor the promise of the 2012 annual plan to be completed in 2013.


Abstract: to develop good work habits, we need to list a series of methods to help us achieve this goal, at the same time to set up a set of feedback system of self motivation, through points, level, progress bar, converted into the corresponding progress, pride, promotion, pay, other colleagues praise, movies, travel, toys shopping, emotional or material self motivation, habit formation.

test is the key


rewards enhance the individual’s desire for action, so when the trigger points come again, the individual moves to be re – >

Tencent Francisco cryoconite in Beijing on May 27th news, according to foreign media reports, the real development of a popular application, easier said than done. U.S. technology news site TNW interviewed 11 successful young entrepreneurs, summed up their mobile application development suggestions.

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