News Alert all SP alliances are suspended this weekPeople who want to start business online, go ahea

?What are the competitors in ?Do

by visiting the opponent’s website, you can see the level of web design, ease of use, network marketing traces, you can also see the strength of each other.

competitor survey is divided into 4 areas:

a lot of people see Taobao, Jingdong bigger and bigger, have the idea that wants to do poineering work on the net. But there is no way to start, very confused. I don’t know what you need to prepare for the online business. I’ll give you some suggestions. If you can accept it, just go ahead and have a look.

How high is the

is the greater the number, the more intense the competition to enter the market, the greater the resistance, the network marketing work carried out more days after. The numbers are not absolute, and the number of real competitors is much less than that.

2., starting with your hobbies,

5. use?

1. don’t quit,

3. identify the target market and talk about other

1. sh419 index

How big is the

3. online poll


the latest news: website alliance, SMS MMS all this week to halt   expected this weekend has been changedThe

has stopped the union.  sohu  163  and SP, the small SP 1-2 day was quickly haltedThe development of the crisis in

if it’s a lot of quantity, we don’t have to think about it

What kind of Internet marketing practices does

4. uses PPC for online surveys

1. target market,

4. don’t expect too much

this can be viewed by means of the love station. You can see the age of this website, the PR value of the home page, the number of search engines, the external links and so on.

target market and target population survey can be investigated by means of tools. Tools are:

1. search ranking results

2. target groups need your product,

2. basic situation of rival websites

personally, I think the first 2 tools are enough, and the last two are not very common.

3. visits rival web site

!If The

2. forums, blogs, social networking,

?Where do

finds the target market, it will have to investigate the market and competitors. The objectives of the survey are:

online business is not easier than offline business, although the input of hardware, capital and equipment is relatively small, but it takes more time and experience, and the same risk. Work hard online, stick to it! Good, luck,

6. market demand?

7. market?

3. target groups buy these products now,

Where is the

4. competitive ranking advertisers number


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