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After a lot of new people in the

and it is worth mentioning that this is not the first financing of the three new board of the Yangtze River rent, the company’s last round of financing is in six months ago.


backed by HNA, the capital aircraft carrier, Wanjiang gold leasing, but in a short period of time, in the three new board two consecutive major financing. What does the company do behind it? What’s the purpose?

B. find a real teacher can let you quickly get started! Everything is hard in the beginning, if the first pot of gold and let you have the Internet, I believe that the practice process in the future, you will do well! Then again, if you can find a teacher can take you started, so will get faster more than your own

A. now in the network, many of which are that a group of people to enter the Internet earlier! So they are watching the network development! So you can say that whatever they do, what kind of projects are basically money! So, not what the project itself is different, different execution people! Therefore, want to make money in the network, first of all is the constant observation and study of


after the completion of the financing, the valuation of the rent will be as high as 10 billion 950 million yuan, becoming the only three new board on the valuation of billions of dollars of financial leasing companies. In addition, if the financing is completed, the company’s registered capital will increase from 3 billion yuan to 4 billion 600 million yuan, the size of the registered capital will also be among the nation’s financial leasing companies in the top 20.

May 22nd, Wanjiang gold lease issued a financing scheme, intends to not higher than 1.5 yuan / share price, issue no more than 2 billion 700 million shares, raising the total amount of funds of not more than 4 billion yuan.

if the completion of the financing, Wanjiang golden rental valuation will be as high as 10 billion 950 million yuan, becoming the only three new board on the valuation of financial leasing companies over 10 billion.

this is following the 2014 Jiuding, read three new board researchers in the new board to see the most radical financing action.

do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan said is a lie, not to earn money at all! I don’t explain, I cite a simple example: if you sell Steamed Buns in a district, the entire area if you a person selling Steamed Buns, so obviously the district people eat Steamed Buns will buy here in you, but if the district have 100 people when selling Steamed Buns, small people buy your Steamed Buns, is another matter! How in 100 people in the competition but sell the Steamed Buns? Steamed Buns first sell time, location, type of Steamed Buns characteristics… You have to think about the factors you have to consider. If you just sell it by yourself, you don’t have to think about it,

December 21, 2016, the gold rent announced the completion of a $1 billion 952 million financing lease, including Bohai, capital Ruihua and 9 institutional investors to participate in the subscription. After the completion of the financing, the company valued at 5 billion 612 million yuan.

here I said to "absolutely convinced of the importance of" after many newcomers entering the network! Just do a project to do Wangzhuan, Taobao, CPS, bidding and so on, and found no money, said Wangzhuan is bluff! In fact, most of these people in the network before, with suspicion, they do not really believe that the network can earn money, so it is difficult to really go on! Do anything, "absolutely believe" is a state of mind, is very important, only is "absolutely believe" network can earn money, then you more difficult or is the bottleneck when it will not give up, but through various aspects to improve themselves, improve themselves, then your tomorrow will better

two times a year, financing 6 billion times, financing

editor’s note: Wanjiang golden rent released 4 billion yuan financing plan, from the last 1 billion 952 million yuan financing, but six months.


it is worth mentioning that, the 4 billion yuan financing plan for the leasing of the Yangtze River in Anhui Province is the largest financing plan for the new three Board since 2017.

> > after People who make money

, that is to say, within the interval of not more than half a year, the rent of the Wanjiang railway should be raised two times, and the amount of financing is nearly 6 billion.


April 24, 2014, Jiuding group completed a 3 billion 568 million yuan financing, valuation of 11 billion 162 million yuan; in August 7, 2014, Jiuding group again successfully financing 2 billion 250 million yuan, valued at 15 billion 969 million yuan. In other words, less than half a year, relying on the financing of 5 billion 818 million yuan, Jiuding group valuation increased from 7 billion 625 million yuan to 15 billion 969 million yuan.


Ma Yun once said: for entrepreneurs yesterday is very cruel, very cruel today, and tomorrow is very good! But most entrepreneurs had died in the night! In fact, this is currently the most Wangzhuan friends problems! Is that most network practitioners are not making money, or earn money in general less work in the industry! I remember a few years ago was that most network violence is industry universal earn! When it is true, a few years ago to enter the network most people have to earn money, it is only in recent years, more and more people into the network, making the network facing more competition!

C. in the past few years, a project may be able to do six months, or even one year

not long ago, Wanjiang golden rent released 4 billion yuan financing plan, from the company last time to complete the financing of 1 billion 952 million yuan, time is only half a year.

so here I also give newcomers do Wangzhuan write a little bit of advice:

same big financing in the six months, but also rely on financing to promote valuations rise, also belong to the category of financial companies. Such a plot, read three new board researchers read in 2014.

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