Well known American investors list 30 creative directions to invest in

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of American risk investment institutions Y Combinator partner, well-known angel investor Paul day before Graham, revealed the first 30 creative Y Combinator is willing to invest. His view may represent the popular view of Silicon Valley venture capital institutions.

1. solution to copyright disputes

‘s music copyright lawsuit by SONY and the universe has not only contributed to the development of file sharing software, but also undermined its business model. The present situation is by no means the final solution. In addition to music, the film industry will face similar problems in the future.

2. simplified browsing

in many cases, users want extremely simplified Internet browsing. For example, older people and children do not need the full Internet. They want to communicate or share photos. The digital photo frame and the Firefox browser reflect this idea, so are there any similar ideas in the future?

3. new news

Marc, a leading Internet expert, has pointed out that traditional newspapers are now in trouble, and that the problem is that their organizational structure makes them appear weak in the face of competitors Andreessen. The Internet has made a tremendous change in news, PerezHilton and TechCrunch represent a trend for news in the future, while Reddit and Digg are another. This field has only just begun.

4. enterprise IT outsourcing

in most enterprises, the IT department is an expensive bottleneck. However, with the emergence of IT outsourcing services such as Wufoo, it is only a short time before the enterprise marketing department can complete the production of Internet forms. There is much more work to be done in the IT sector, and outsourcing these jobs will bring huge business opportunities.

5. enterprise software 2.0

software vendors are selling a lot of software that’s bad, but expensive. They maintain their status through a certain degree of monopoly. However, the software industry is always changing. Startups can start writing software for small companies.

6. more CRM software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most commonly used software in the enterprise, and it still has the potential to be tapped. Most of the current software is just finished mailing list management functions, and the future of this kind of software should help enterprises better interaction with customers.

7. some enterprises need, but not yet developed, the field of

‘s most successful start-ups are always able to see areas where demand exists, but has not yet been developed. This proposal may be the most obscure, but it is the most valuable.

8. make friends

dating sites have not yet reached their destination, and there will be better friends in the future

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