A small program to worry you earn those who do the training should be no more

January 9th, a little memorable time, WeChat released a small program.

the night of the circle of friends on the fried, pulled a small group of small programs, and then all the group fried… The scene is too chaotic, the picture is not cut.

bandits that day because of some aspects of insomnia, just a patrol, see 3 points, generally found that everyone is doing a small program, are concerned about what the problem.

said this conclusion, and keso today issued an article "don’t work, a small program is not suitable for you", basically the same point of view, small program dividends do not belong to marketing, to those dedicated to do business, but the company information and convenience is not enough.


has about more than and 100 small program is coming, I probably spent about ten, some basically look at the title may not want to use the calculator, such as what ah, watch the news and so on, several Tencent home like zishuagu, public comment, or something, but this is relatively common for me, certainly will still use app, after all, a small program path is relatively long, but experience is certainly not as good as app.

so a question, what kind of applications need to use a small program?

anyway, I do not intend to use the current one, I do not know what do you think?


specific which is the main direction of small programs, keso said more clearly, that is really very good, I would like to quote:

‘small program should be the words "Scene" and "service", rather than "traffic" and "bonus", which makes many developers feel uncomfortable. I decided to catch the first wave number of small procedures, can continue to live in the user scene, less and less, most users will soon be forgotten, and truly let users "try and go", no second.

no scene no small procedures, this is currently the most has launched a small program where vital — they don’t have the right trigger scene. The scene is that you only went into a restaurant and sat down at the table, you can scan the code order; you only go to a bus stop, you can scan the code for the next few minutes after the bus arrived. Leave the scene, you can tell the restaurant and the bus stop no relationship. In such a scenario, a small program can help save the cost of service restaurants, bus companies to improve customer satisfaction, at the same time, to help users save time, improve the experience. Win-win。


program is actually so small business in a reasonable time, reasonable to meet a reasonable means user needs a reasonable scenario, the starting point to improve the efficiency, reduce the cost and customer satisfaction, but not in marketing and was off. It is possible that we need to have a longer period of exploration, the enterprise to find the most reasonable scenarios, >

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