From the recent dynamic, Pinyin domain name gradually spell out the market legend

recently the author from the domestic domain name trading case that domestic phonetic domain more and more concern and attention, the terminal did not appear to be limited to the domain name structure factors, from three to four, Larry, spell spell and Pinyin domain name, recently frequent trading and enabled, found from the development trend of the domain name is ushering in the development the moment.

recently held the micro-blog Developer Conference times concerned, the conference made it clear that it will enable independent Sina Pinyin domain name, to layout the micro-blog platform, 1000 rubber company in October to 6 digits from the trading price of domestic domain name investors bought Dragonfly Pinyin domain name, currently, network as dragonfly launch site is still. In the construction, take interest in Beijing ( company sued the travel information website where network ( of the "copycat domain" case ended, Beijing fun to take the company lost, where networks still legally owned domain name It can be seen, both in the domain and enable transactions, Pinyin domain name has been a share of the market, is subject to final in favor of Larry domain.

of course, in addition to Larry domain trading and enabled, three or even four spell spell and plays an important role in the domain name market, terminal enabled and transactions are also many cases. Such as officially launched yesterday to "Travel Book Garden", and enable as "travel bookstore" channel three related domain name, domain name has been registered Taobao Pinyin, other suffixes is currently in the hands of investors, but from the previous Taobao domain name protection strategy, Taobao may or buying the.Com and.Org two Pinyin domain name, then, or may be related to the domain name boom lift. Previously, VeriSign (VeriSign) companies registered business launched "everyone" platform, and enable the four spell domain name as the official domain name, or even earlier, trading price to be 100 thousand yuan, Cai Wensheng himself transferred three spell domain name

domestic Pinyin domain name in addition to favored by the terminal, but also by domestic domain name investment concerns. As an angel investor Cai Wensheng collection phonetic alphabet domain,,,,, and Larry domain, including veteran investor Gong Genyuan had stolen, Larry domain and, which shows the Pinyin domain name, the degree of concern.

At the end of

, the author believes that the future of the domain name will still be concerned by domestic investors, and also the key target for terminal acquisition and activation, although >

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