t’s really not easy to do web site

site is not easy, as a webmaster is even more difficult. It’s been a long time since I came to Admin5, and I’ve been paying attention to it, and I’m sure I’ve learned a lot in admin5. SEO, alliance Wangzhuan material are basically in the Admin5 get first-hand information, even in space is bought on Admin5, graph king’s reputation is good, like this one here. Would like to have their own website, but did not know what to build station, also feel that their level is not enough, not what website. Finally, last month, I was able to start planning my first web site. It wasn’t very complicated. It was a movie station, but I did a special movie station.

              because of the php space, many programs or is not up to the requirements, or is not PHP, had no choice but to choose a movie program out using modified Dede procedure. All said is a rookie, this change is really a lot of effort, templates, procedures need to deploy their own. Now found a master, but also proficient in procedures, but also art, difficult ah. Because all of the programs were done by themselves, the movie needed to be added manually, and the more than 100 films took a couple of days to add. Finally, it took 20 days for her own virgin station, www.hanguodianying5.cn, to be born. Of course there were you know, for those hard year webmaster deep bow. Later, I’m afraid more, promotion, maintenance, add information, ha ha, although it will be very hard, but I’m now a real webmaster, in the hard work is worth it. Figure Wang eldest brother also said, as a webmaster of the 100 must: ha ha, and strive to grow up, hope that one day can become a fierce webmaster,


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