About website weights and new sites included, have to say the details

do not frequently modify website home page and inside pages of the title, will be right down, this point is especially evident in Baidu, such as the station I help Xiamen http://s.xmbangbang.com, in 15 days to modify the title two times, once Baidu down the right, the long tail key word ranking fell badly directly, flow performance is increased from 5000ip to less than 1000IP, and the rise in the Google rankings, but of no great importance, because the Google flow is too small, I’m almost do not consider Google, Baidu to the webmaster to say is really too important. (because the PV is too low, the popups are played, and those who don’t like it don’t click)

not to mention the railway station, it could be K, because the new station has just been included in general have a period of observation, especially now that Baidu is very sensitive to the quality of the new station, during the observation period you repeatedly modify the site title and structure it is very dangerous, it’s the best time to keep updating, other temporarily put first, not to touch it. What is the quality of the new search engine is just a machine? How to identify it, the quality of your web site, I think the main core for the new station is only three points: the original (or pseudo original) and updated and better a few outside chain. The beginning of the chain is not too much, a few on the line, the quality is better, a little worse, prefer not to.

then, for the new station is not included, before it is best not to do any SEO optimization, because it is likely to delay your site indexed time, included in the future also don’t do optimization, the first stable.

as a test page I of Zhengzhou Adult supplies http://s.0371chengrenyongpin.org.cn, only one page, the content is original, the chain is only two or three, Google in the second day included, of course it’s not what strange, because now the Google included rather quickly, the chain can be basically as long as you can also quickly, Baidu is sick, according to a lot of people say there is a 15 day rule, not included, very early on, but do not put out, the first observation of you, like it put you out, it is not satisfied, then you will die.

with handwriting, which wrote which thought laughed.

with all the May Day is still hard webmaster friends say: "may day happy


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