XCTNB.CN half moon included sense

this station, I only do half a month or so, now has been included in Baidu.

write down some experience so that you can look over later.



program is selected Z-Blog, had heard that the SEO program itself is good, then set up and do it yourself SEO a lot of Z-blog, title and Dec have not yet been optimized can try, please view the specific method of pineapple Pavilion:)

domain name:

or use the XCTNB.CN domain name, CN, one yuan. Some people say that CN domain name Baidu is not good, I think this is a very good explanation, right? Half a month was included,


my domain name is generally not prefix, are top-level domain names, such as http://s.xctnb.cn do not use www.xctnb.cn, turn a turn on their own on the line.


space must be better! I am very satisfied with this space, I am using the sub directory to do the station, I am very stable in this space! Also assured with the use of ~ ~ ah, pick a good point of IDC is very important..



this blog articles are false original, now a CTRL+C CTRL+V has to die, must begin to tidy up the content, the intention to do user experience, let them feel you in here to see the information is useful, for their own good ~ only so that users will remember you, will you "there is ~ ~ be sure to update everyday!! love Baidu updated daily blog!


is still working on several blogs: http://s.yb33.com, http://s.xctnb.cn

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