Stationmaster month income exceeds ten thousand, not imagine so difficult

Google is issued last month’s $more than 1300, three years to do the webmaster, it is boiled out, so came. No bubble forum, always see the website monthly income of hundreds of thousands of dollars, very envious. The income of my website has always been taken by my sister, and I do not have the joy of holding it in my hand. My sister will not have that kind of joy, because she doesn’t know it is the income that has come across the half of the earth. Although there are more or less $two hundred or three hundred per month, I haven’t really seen $100 in cash. I’ve only seen 1 dollar bills, not my own. -_-!


in the webmaster circles up and down for so long, at hand there have been daily flow of 20 thousand IP station, but always do not how to make money, day IP2 10000 station monthly income will not exceed 3000RMB. Finally, I got wasted. Later, the acquisition of websites reselling, but also not how wishful, liar too much. The most hateful is that even the king intermediary also help cheat together, all the trading behavior of the webmaster lost confidence, and no longer disclose to anyone GG money way, also do not accept disciples. I used to think of the disciple, or is unwilling to pay the tuition fees, or what to give money, or let you teach, teach him how to do, teach him how to engage in traffic, but also taught him how to put ads. Sorry, this kind of savvy is not suitable for website making money. I have always thought of myself as very smart, but also in the circle of groping for nearly 3 years before something, how could be easily revealed.

has been on tenterhooks from 26 to 29 for fear that something might go wrong with the GG account, and gave me a cold email saying what was invalid and clicked too much. For the first time to get more than 1000 dollars in income, it will be difficult to accept such a moment, such a result. By the end of 29, at 8 in the evening, it was clear to remember this moment, and the GG backstage showed that the payment had been issued. That money really belongs to me, also should the webmaster always said that sentence: GG account money, get hands is your money.

GG is not like the legendary rogue, no reason K your account. I think there are many webmasters who are ecstatic at the moment GG is issued, because not everyone can make money in this way, not everyone can earn so much. Stationmaster, one is called by the industry "rise earlier than chicken", sleep late than dog, eat worse than pig, do more than donkey. And I always adhere to today is like a such thing, although I now have a monthly salary of 4500 yuan so, but this is not my forward momentum, promote me is my own handmade, operation then had the money income. That is your own, really a hard work, a harvest of accumulation. Adsense legend, only 1% less people can really earn money, I think I was lucky to squeeze into this circle, this is a person who refused to admit defeat, insisted, victory in the corner.

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