Don’t expect human flesh search to preserve business rules

The real establishment of the credit order in the

business world also requires the long-term game of business people to succeed. And the help of network human flesh search engine is just a temporary and not necessarily appropriate external force.

for human flesh search engine has momentum and borderless power, the world already know. Recently, the Ministry of majestic-looking human machine in the "perfume door" events make the mare go. This event is also easy to say: in February 27th of this year, in the Shenzhen sea registered a Taobao shop on the Internet, opening night, netizen YY with the price of 318 yuan to buy four pieces of perfume, the store the next day, YY once again patronage, bought 1848 yuan of perfume. After the goods are issued, the sea of clouds has not yet received payment. Helpless, he went online for help, hope that users can help push accounts. Soon, the human flesh search engine rumble start, only 13 hours, users will force YY to repay the loan. So fast and successful in achieving the goal, to participate in this netizen very excited, they said this is "the first case of human flesh search" engine maintenance business rules, will continue to carry forward, in-depth business, further cast a human flesh search engine energy and prestige.

for users of the mighty passion, our nature is to be appreciated, but the reporter for human flesh search engine used in the business outlook is not optimistic. Frankly speaking, the reporter feels that, as applied to an accidental isolated incident, it can not be applied to the commercial credit disputes in the future in a sustainable and routine way. There are three reasons:

one, human flesh search engines are prone to bias. After all, is a virtual network environment, the distance and the reality of life, the so-called human flesh search engines can not completely rely on to live events, mostly on the network information, which will inevitably have a blind spot, blind spots will cause prejudice. Moreover, the rumble of the robot because of the excessive excitement and indignation, the lack of necessary to correct the bias function, it tends to attend to this but lose, clinging to the prejudice, so it does not have to resolve commercial disputes should be rational and calm and fair disposition.

second, human flesh search engines tend to extremes. The Internet is the cause of the masses, and when an anonymous group gathers and gets excited about an event on a virtual network, it can easily be magnified and pushed to infinity. Fudan cat abuse incident is a classic example. The punishment that a party receives from a human flesh search engine is out of proportion to the fault he has committed. In today’s "perfume door" incident, miss YY is a fraud suspect, so we can make public her mobile phone and other personal data, so that she could have a long time of harassment? Commercial disputes mediation should be powerful and effective, but also the ornamental and the combined plain properties.

third, the maintenance of commercial credit needs to have a long-term mechanism, while the passion of the human flesh search engine is always accidental and unpredictable. This clearly illustrates the mismatch between the needs of the two and the supply. Business disputes happen every day, while online interests are fickle, which can not be long

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