Prediction, analysis and discussion of the ten major trends of group buying website development

will be over in the first half of 2011, and make some analysis and Discussion on the future development trend of GroupOn model in China. Welcome to correct it.

1, the industry reshuffle really started, the overall number of buy site reduced, after the influence of the group known to enter the

real reshuffle began, the process may continue for one or two years, or even longer, mergers and acquisitions continue to be staged until several listed, forming a real pattern of the basic industry.

The number of

group buying sites has been reduced as a whole, and websites that have sprung up last year without funds, strength or lack of other subjective and objective conditions will be withdrawn. In particular, those who burn money, there is no healthy cash flow, this part may have a large group of networks, but mainly small and medium-sized.

because the traditional forces often belatedly, like Gome and Suning such giants in the field of electronic commerce B2C backward, similar to the traditional power group (not limited to the traditional enterprise) may begin to interventional group purchase. Most e-commerce sites will probably launch group buying.

, 2, one or two years, the independent group buying website successfully listed

expects one or two years, the independent buy site will have 1-3 successful listing, may include physical class buy site. Personally think that the handle, the U.S. group, 24 coupons,,, F group, and are likely to tick, the premise is to make fewer mistakes in steady advance. Other not included, there may be three factors: and I communicate less, public comment group such non individual buy, Qijia home non new group buying model. Domestic gem threshold is high, and often requires policy operations, but it does not rule out the possibility.

3, the user experience to further enhance the smart, ubiquitous, more fun buy.

is the core of the user experience, group purchase may become more clever and intelligent, a more accurate judgment of user needs (including information, user habits and gender age income LBS location), more intimate, more easy to use, including mobile phone client, IPAD, mail box, desktop, WEB, or even the future of television and banks, newspapers, bus card and other equipment will support the group purchase group purchase, make everywhere. The entertainment attributes of the group will be retained and strengthened, because group buying has the meaning of "eyeball economy", but the group buying website will learn to avoid policies and legal risks, such as lottery management regulations.

4, open platform, foursquare and other applications and channel innovation

open platform pull relatively far, it is similar to Taobao and pat, Jingdong "brand direct" and Dangdang "settled merchants."". Buy site by direct sales, part of the transition or increase "merchants settled, self-help operation" such platform functions. This requires tests on the ability of businesses, users, and operations to be very high. Group buying will become more complex, such as increasing the spike, auction, donation, underwriting system boutique, multi-channel implementation and purchase, foursquare, >

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