An Dongsheng talk about lighting industry winning password how to quickly spread product information

in the past 2014, many lighting brands reflect a slight decline in sales, the economic trend is certainly an important factor, but this is not absolute. Why do some enterprises sell linearly when the market is depressed? Why some brands do not sell well, while some of them are booked in advance, which is worth our deep thought. A product sold well, first of all products, only in the same product conditions, competition is marketing. Good marketing tools can make up for a certain product defects, marketing is a means, how to make your product information faster spread?

How traditional

lighting enterprises to use the mobile Internet depth adjustment in strategic planning, organization management, marketing, e-commerce, enterprise restructuring or entrepreneur counter attack, how to open up a "blue ocean" in the vast world? Especially for the lighting industry, and how to quickly spread information


1, increase the value of lighting products

lighting function, quality, features, styles, and products can add value and other attributes decided. With the continuous development of society and the change of market environment, consumers are increasingly critical eye for lighting in also put forward higher requirements, which requires the lighting business must be based on market information, strengthen research and development, technological innovation, improve the technological level of production of enterprises. Any kind of lighting products can not be perfect, which makes enterprises constantly improve the product, process innovation, lighting products always walk in the forefront, to meet and guide customer demand.

2, let customers agree "value for money"

"how much money" is not determined by the business, but through the shopping guide and product performance in the minds of customers formed a sense of the subconscious. To achieve "cheap and good", but also to let customers understand that the lighting products are "value for money". When lighting brand image is good enough, guide professional guidance, improve the installation and customer service, so that customers in the purchase and use products enjoy the service, there are unforgettable, pleasant, comfortable feeling, OK, your brand has won the favor of consumers and trust


3, service first, selling second

in the era of consumer awareness, good customer service is the best way to build customer loyalty. Including service attitude, response to customer needs or complaints speed, return service, and so on, so that customers understand the content of the service and access to services. Because today’s customers are becoming more and more picky and very sensitive when they buy Lamps, they want to get enough pleasure while dealing with the lighting stores and try to minimize the trouble. When these customers get a good customer service experience, they will form a "second purchase"; however, if they get a bad experience, they will be more people around to promote their "misfortune". Therefore, in order to enhance the customer experience, lighting enterprises must pay attention to lighting related services

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