3 ways to improve the flow of personal blog

since the establishment of independent personal blog, found that there are many people on the Internet also have blogs. Independent blogs are blogs with top-level domains and independent spaces, not blogs that are available on websites like Sina and NetEase. After having an independent blog, bloggers expect their blog traffic to rise again. Of course, that’s what every blogger wants. But how can you improve the flow of your blog? There are no fast ways to do it. The answer is: no..

the following, I introduce some methods to enhance the flow of some of their own blog blog: 1. established, regularly updated blog content, content selection of relevance, if you are a life log blog, it can not consider this.

2. visits other blogs and takes part in comments. Never comment on content such as "couch", "look" and so on. This comment is very objectionable to blogger. They see such comments and will hardly pay a return visit. That’s me.


3. focuses on the Internet’s hot spots and writes articles that are very effective. I used to publish several articles in the blog http://s.jeequ.com using the XX gate event, and traffic surged by 2000IP over the day. At present, if you can do these points, and can adhere to these points, then the blog traffic promotion is inevitable. Reminder: the flow of ascension is gradual, if you want to ask for the moon, then spend RMB


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