2016 platform to accelerate the integration of small and medium entrepreneurs will be blowout

January 11th, the women’s fashion media and consumer platform mogujie.com and beauty said a joint statement, announced that the two officially reached a strategic merger agreement, known as the first merger in 2016. After the 2015 merger tide, many competitors for having heard it many times to the integration of the road. From the merger drops fast, to the 58 city Ganji marriage alliance, the U.S. group public comment, "hand in hand", where Ctrip and Jiayuan Lily network merger of similar items, less than a year, a number of Internet Co to quickly from the irreconcilable opposed to heating.

2016 platform giant integration accelerated

The integration of

drops fast approaching the end of

Valentine’s Day 2015 drops and quick jointly issued a statement, announced the two strategic merger, the two sides will set up a new company, joint CEO architecture, Lv Chuanwei, Cheng Wei drops quickly, at the same time as the United will be the new company CEO. Nearly a year’s time, drops and fast gradually accelerate the integration of the road. Although from the staff to see the founder of the team gradually fade out of sight, but after the merger of 80% of the market share, to prove the significance and value of the merger.

from vicious competition 2014 burn war, to jointly develop the market in 2015. In the brand, the taxi drops into drops of a collection of travel, express, ride, car, taxi and other major business lines, fast taxi, one car is weakened, and the fastest team will be more focus on innovative business incubator, such as drops quickly pushed out on behalf of the drive, ride the business is responsible for the Hangzhou team.

drops after the fast has completed two rounds of a total of about 3000000000 U.S. dollars of financing, the new company’s valuation of $16 billion 500 million, with the global competitors Uber a competitive strength.

58 market ten years and eventually became a


in April 17, 2015 after 10 years of competition, 58 city and Ganji has finally come together. The first advantage of the merger is the end of ten years of vicious competition. From the beginning of the establishment of the two sides in the capital behind, each pay high marketing, promotion costs. From April it announced the merger, both sides have done a lot of business integration, in November 2015 58 the end of the joint market CEO, Yang Haoyong served as the break-up of the seeds of second-hand car CEO.

since the beginning of 2014, 58 city and Ganji have started the expansion of the road, from the classification of information business gradually extended to the new home business services, real estate, second-hand car trading etc.. After the merger, the two sides have diverged in the specific business direction, 58 focus on home, real estate, recruitment, second-hand car market focus. Yao Jinbo and Yang Haoyong had a voice in the face of the media, the two sides will save a large number of mergers and acquisitions in the market each year, as well as the cost of competition in the channel, the money will be invested in the development of innovative business.

United States public merger ends

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